Digital Foundry: Even with a new update to Star Wars Jedi: Survivor remains the worst PC port of 2023

Not so long ago the next update for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, which brought significant improvements to console performance mode. But what about PC? Apparently, the result was not very positive.

Analyzing a new version of the game, Digital Foundry states that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor remains "The worst AAA port for PC in 2023", Despite the fact that some improvements were made in the update.

Of the new opportunities, NVIDIA DLSS technology is finally added to the game. Nevertheless, the performance is still not high enough, and many problems of the port were never corrected.

In particular, one of the main problems of the game is still observed when starting. With each new launch of the game, a long process of preliminary compilation of the shaders takes place, which, according to the channel editorial office, is unnecessary and, apparently, shortage.

He appears every time you launch the game, although after the first launch he seems to do nothing – the excessive voltage for the user, which is very similar to a mistake, is still present five months after the release of the game. But the most incomprehensible is that if the game really stores cachy shaders, then it does it not very well. In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor" There are still often malfunctions in compilation of shaders during the gameplay.

For those who relies on the TAA or FSR 2, the image quality, unfortunately, still leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, RTX owners can now use DLSS, which "makes miracles with the quality of the image of the game".

Despite this, performance remains terrible. In the study, regardless of hardware, there is still observation of slowdown caused by low processor loading. With low graphics settings, a slight improvement is observed, but with high settings with activated rays trace, everything is just as bad as at the start.

As a result, even when using the most modern game PC, even with moderate graphics settings, and especially when using rays trace, you are limited by the capabilities of the processor. On a more old middle -level processor, the game still looks like a disaster. From a technical point of view, it has become better, but it is unlikely to change something when the main problems since the release were never resolved.

The abolished sequel Immortals: Fenyx Rising drawed inspiration from Elden Ring and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The developers of the recently canceled Ubisoft game sought to create an adventure Polynesian action, combining the features of two favorite games: the Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, filled with the secrets of Elden Ring and the sea game, reports AxoS sources.

Oxygen/Immortals 2 was planned as a continuation of the 2020 adventure game with the open world of Greek mythology Immortals Fenyx Riding, the development of which was started in 2021.

Two sources familiar with the development of the game, but not authorized to talk about the project, talked about plans for an extensive game, the action of which unfolds in the fictional version of the Polynesian archipelago, created mainly by Ubisoft studio in Quebec, but developed jointly with Polynesian consultants.

While the first Immortals was developed in a little more than a year, Oxygen/Immortals 2 took more time due to its scale, reviewing the main game engine Assassin’s Creed, which will use a new game, and a small team, as the publisher focused on the development of development resources The upcoming Assassin’s Creed Red.

However, by the spring of this year, several game hours were available in the internal demo version, and the company was faced with a choice whether to finance the full development or abandon the project.

The image that leaked last year showed one of the possible images of the protagonist of the game, although it was planned that players will be able to configure their type of physique, gender and appearance. The player’s character could win over various Polynesian gods, acquire the forces of the elements and change the form, as well as receive new tattoos depending on the choice that he made as the plot of the game developed.

Players had to jump from island to the island, each of which is a fictional version of places such as New Zealand, Tahiti, Easter Island and Hawaii Island. Inspired by the Polynesian concept of mana, the players had to manage how their game actions affect the Earth around them.

“The goal was to make a game very different from the rest of the Ubisoft portfolio,” said one of the sources.

Ubisoft games with the open world usually occur on a map filled with markers of quests, and players often orient themselves with a compass or arrow, which directs them to the next purpose. However, for Oxygen, developers planned to abandon many of these assistants in favor of players to look more diligent in order to understand where to go, tracking animals, following the wind or guided by the position of stars in the sky.

The main source of inspiration was the 2022 Fromsoftware Hit, which was sold in millions of copies, despite the fact that he threw players into an intriguing hostile world with several obvious instructions on how to survive or continue.

Immortals 2 would become a departure from his predecessor, the narrator from the first game was thrown back in it, the emphasis was lost on the solution of puzzles and a more flexible story was proposed, in which the player’s choice is of great importance.

According to the developers, the graphics of the new game also had to become more realistic, based on some images of the project viewed by Axios. According to one source, the company considered the question of whether Immortals 2 should be renamed to the original game, and not in the sequel.

In July, when it became known about the cancellation, the representative of Ubisoft said that the company “redirects and redistributes some creative teams and resources in the studio in Quebec for other undeclared projects“. According to one of the sources, this cancellation found the developers of the game by surprise.

New screenshots of Like A Dragon Gaiden demonstrate girls from a cabaret club, mini-games and more

SEGA has published a new gallery of screenshots and details of the game Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, demonstrating some of its features.

To begin with, we will look at the castle-a place unknown to ordinary people, the main entertainment of which is a combat arena for a VIP-person. Here are the 1V1 tournament battles, Zigoku Battle Arena – the survival mode, which has to fight with the waves of enemies, Special Event Matches with special rules and Zigoku Team Rumble – Group battles.

In Zigoku Team Rumble, you can attract friends to Kiryu, as well as organize and train your team, appointing the most suitable fighters for various roles, for example, for advanced or support. We will also see a hall for fighters where you can meet your comrades and strengthen friendly relations with them. This is an important place where fighters can relax.

By the way, it is in the castle that you can enjoy the bonus from Legendary Fighters Pack, received during the preliminary order, which includes Daigo Dodjima, Majima and Taiga Saedzima. They are also shown in screenshots in action.

Next, we will look at the cabaret club, where the five winners of the listening are represented, including the popular YouTuberts Kson, who became an absolute winner and got a role in the next game of the main line – Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. This time this function is slightly different: five girls will appear in live scenes, but you still have to captivate them with the correct answers depending on their character in order to get an idea of ​​their "a special side".

Then we move to one of the most interesting mini -games in the series – Pocket Circuit, which is a version of the popular Mini 4wd game from Tamiya. You can configure your car with greater depth than before, and compete in new modes, such as Time Attack and Rival Match, allowing the people you meet in the city. Another interesting function is the ability to completely change the appearance of Cazuma Kiryu with the help of many different items of clothing and accessories.

Among other mini -games are classic arcades and console Sega Master System, where you can play classic games. In the first case, these will be Fighting Vipers 2 and Sega Racing Classics 2, and in the second – Galaxy Force and Flicky.

Darts also returns. Thanks to cooperation with the real manufacturer Dartslive, we will be able to enjoy their latest DartSlive3 machine, including the new rule – Center Count -Up.

Update 3.20 Fully Loaded for Star Citizen adds an updated Arena Commander module with PVP posts and cards

Cloud Imperium Games has released the Star Citizen – Alpha 3 update today.20: Fully Loaded, which makes serious changes in the Arena Commander in -game module and continues to expand content and functions. With today’s update, two new ships go to the stars and are now ready for flights; MISC Hull C, the titan of the profession of a carrier with a place for a crew up to four players, and Mirai Fury LX, a racing version of the recently added Mirai Fury short -barreled fighter, whose precisely tuned engines and compact form make it an ideal racing ship for adrenaline lovers. New gaming content and functions were also added, including automatic loading and unloading of goods at space stations to support the huge cargo capacity of Hull C.

Arena Commander is a “game in the game” in Star Citizen, where players can enjoy a shorter and more saturated game process for instantaneous actions without time for installation typical for Persistent Universe. Pilots can fight alone in tense PVE-boosts, including a study of free flight, race and the Vanduul Swarm Horde mode, or join other players in the competition and joint multi-user games, including competitive races, a joint game of Vanduul Swarm and various PVP regimens, such like royal battle and air battles. Competitive players can fight on foot, on the ground or in the sky and space to earn a place in the publicly available lists of PVP leaders, receiving a reputation. Alpha 3.20: Fully Loaded is the first of the three significant updates of Arena Commander, which are included in this mode, initially focusing on modernization and optimization of user experience so that the pilots can join the battle faster and with great control than ever.

Detailed information about the update of Star Citizen – Alpha 3.20: Fully Loaded can be found here.

Frame Generation for RDR 2 from PUREDark hacked, in line TLOU: Part 1

Yesterday a cracker SEEBURSCHBANAUSE From one notorious site, a mod hacked for Starfield adding Frame Generation for video cards RTX 4000 episodes from the PUREDARK Modder.

Today he decided to take up a similar mod for RDR 2. According to him, this mod was protected by a similar defense of VMPROTECT + Custom. You can download it for free from our site.

Apparently, its next purpose will be the mod for The Last of Us: Part 1, but he said that a slightly changed license system is used in fashion for this game and this will take more time.

Judging by the fact that the hacks of mods from Puredark have already created their own topic – it "business" now it will not be so successful.

For paid mods, you need to shoot in general !

Ideally, to drag the court, for the commercial use of someone else’s IP.

Well, or so, also an option.

If. The author of the fashion is fucked up and sets off holes in law. He does not provide anything from someone else’s IP, even the DLSS library needs to be downloaded manually from the Internet, only the injector for the game is going on in the fashion archive, t.e. Formally, this is just a program, in itself is useless, plus a hole in a patreon is going on, that all donates are donations, t.e. do not dig by purely legally, you do not buy a mod, but just "Give" This money to the author.

Mod itself is no longer Fair Yuz.

People are definitely not stupid and tries to earn on what he taught. I do not know who to judge, but from the point of view of cunning, it is clearly on top)

Because "protect" you can really high -quality and extensive mods in which the works and means were invested, for that matter. And cut money for one simple function should be ashamed

Robin Hood is modern. Correctly paid such mods are nonsense.

Well, the dude was harshly landed, it is right. I will not even edit 🙂

It is a pity that the frame generation does not work at 1000 – 3000 version of Nvidia cards.

There are these lambs of unfinished.

I am more interested in what the hell is still an official update with DLSS3 for RDR2, for 4090 it may not have fallen into hell, but it would be nice

Because for the rocks this is a failure. They did not even start 60FPS on the console, which were released three years ago.

And here is the console? We are talking about PC versions, DLSS2 and AMD FSR 2 brought

Despite the fact that Rockstar scored on the game for a long time.

They cannot update the Dlss version there, what are you talking about

No, updates come to her periodically

Because you need to share)))

where you can download it?

How it did not sound, the DLSS DLSS DLOCA DLOCE violates its own license agreement, I believe that Nvidia must be sued for employees who develop it.

No one thought that Modder is simply testing and after improving his protection in order to subsequently create a competitor Denuvo?) Perhaps even for less money.

It is said that VMPROTECT is used – this is a finished tool. Its protection does not smell)

This is for now. There is also a custom yet, and not just VMPROTECT.

Well, right! For nefig to trade free.

According to the logic of the mod for people, they are able to buy 4090, they are unlikely to have problems with $ 5, the rest is simply not needed. The author’s work is in any case encouragement.

Not only 4090, but the entire line of the 4xxxx series support FG. Just a reason to re -call the game again👍

I understand this from the content of the news – "Frame Generation for video cards RTX 4000 episodes from the PUREDARK moder". 4070 is also not 100 rubles, it’s about this. His mods were broken before, as it was with Upscaler for ENB Skyrim, so support here is more at will to have contacts with such authors, to make their proposals, as is usually done in a patreon. The more recoil, the more they devote the time to develop mods, and not freelance related to mods. Thus, the modders deprived of even such meager donates are eventually forced to do their main work, and postpone fashion for later. So the hacking of their work potentially slows down the release of new useful features in this kind. After all, if it would be so simple and fast, then everyone would have done such mods or outfits by default give expanded opportunities in games, but this is far from the case, so only one PureDark is doing this, while he owes anyone initially. And in this this is precisely the whole absurdity of the situation lies – a person does a good deed, and he is heitned for the fact that he alone can do this and it turns out that he also has, like others 24 hours a day, you need to work and maintain himself , and maybe there are more children or sick relatives, and not with the run to satisfy the Wishlist of Haters, who then also spit in his direction.

And exactly I am also absolutely clear to me, the philosophy of Modder Tammer, who never asked for support and releases all his mods for free. He has other sources of income, he can devote his time to FNV, he can’t hear and see these very cheaters comfortably, never contact them if possible to calmly engage in a creative process, because it is not a secret to some toxic and inadequate personalities on the network among gamers. As for me, both options are worthy of respect, demanding that strangers on the Internet solve their problems for free with subsequent negative look strangely to put it mildly.

In terms of providing content, I would like to see some new opportunities, such as a return of funds, not everyone will help everyone such mods. The same Upscaler did not particularly help me, the TC is sharpened on new and powerful cards, on the RTX growth is cosmic, and on the mobile old GTX mobile, while the growth of the FPS is noticeable on the same small resolutions about 720p, but the personnel are not stable. That is, such things should be tested in good case in each case, but no one forces it to do it. At least they have the right to decide how much time they spent, because the time is the most valuable resource, you can’t buy it for any money, no one can ever compensate another with a moment of past in his life. Some to gloat in essence how to breathe, and to do that the worthy not everyone can. It seems to me that many did not even think about it, so they have a superficial attitude to such issues and often the opinion is expressed with insults in aggressive form, which in itself speaks of the level of the interlocutor. Those who are used to living on dependent playing games, not bearing any responsibility and without thinking about anything, it is unlikely that this will now understand because of age and life experience, they simply do not see all these variables.

Fallout 4 is demonstrated with NVIDIA DLSS 3 Frame Generation technology

Modder PureDark released a video showing Fallout 4 with DLSS 3 Frame Generation from Nvidia. DLSS 3 can double the performance in Fallout 4, allowing PC Gamera to enjoy constant 60fps on a different gland.

Fallout 4 is a difficult game, especially with mods. DLSS 3 can significantly increase performance in it. Moreover, since the game is flooded on 60 FPS, PC-Gamers will not notice any serious problems with delays or visual glitches.

PureDark did not share the technical characteristics of his PC. Without DLSS 3, the game fell to the average 50 in various scenes. By turning on DLSS 3, Modder was able to double the performance and get a permanent 60 FPS.

Unfortunately, at present there is no data on when this mod is available. And, for those who are interested, DLSS 3 mods for The Last of US Part I, Jedi Survivor, Elden Ring and Skyrim are still behind the Patreon wall.

The only question is why? The game even goes to the GTX 970 on the ultras is good. It will go to RTX and without DLSS excellent. The meaning of this DLSS? So that people play in 4K or 240Hz?

Era 4k. Many old games do not work very well in 4K even on modern video cards.

For starters, yes. In 4K. You can also use Nvidia DRS for monitors with less resolution. The quality of the picture will grow very noticeable. And also for the sake of smoothing. for DLSS copes with this at times better than TAA and FXAA.

And also you apparently forget about the abundance of mods for the game. It is worth drinking it to the top with super -polygonal models and textures of 4K and 8K and I’m afraid even 4090 will begin to feel bad.

Fashion can be very much affected by FPS. Yes, and there are cards like mobile 4050 and 4060, they are no longer so productive that even at 1440 it is normal to play normally.

Mobile 4050 Easy to digest F4 in 1440 rubles on ultras, it is more powerful than mobile 3060.

Install modes on 4K textures and that’s it, FPS on the knees

I’m wondering why the gazebo did not check the Fallut 4 the same as with Skyrim with Skyrim? Reprints, improvements, etc.D.The game is somehow popular in one way or another.

Because Fallout 76 came out. And Skyrim will not have a receiver for a long time in the series

And tes online? It seems in essence the same Skyrim?

Her gazebo only published.

TES online does another studio? I did not know.

Zenimax does Teso. And yes, "in fact" – This is not the same Skyrim, although there are locations from Skyrim and other parts of the series and many new. But, in its own game, an interesting and as MMO, quite original.

If this thing helps to play 60 FPS with good textures and other heavy mods in VR – then this is Mast Hev.

Frame Generation does not work in VR. Because there has long been its asynchronous repro forces from this.

I have not heard about it, I want to read. What to google tell me

I also just googled – about reproitions and read everything in a row.

If the norm/plot game is playing, then the rays are not needed, and if the game/plot is gyvho, then the rays will not help

"If norms/plot game then do not need rays"

This is yours and only your opinion.

IMHO, If the game is wonderful in itself, and even with rays, then It’s just gorgeous, And again, IMHO, it should be sointeresting game, cramped by the most, do not pamper, beautiful graphics and incredible technologies (and rays, just Incredible technology), including smart AI.

That is wonderful in the fourth folca?

If Read carefully my post, it will become clear that he is not about Fallout 4, he, answer on General Post Evgenyess. No need to reduce everything to the news header, for, and often, In the discussion of a particular news, people discuss and express their judgment on Near news The agenda.

Then I do not understand what the problem with the comment of Eugene?

Because here I have vokhimity to play with rays, only the games from this did not particularly better, even worse.

"Games from this did not better better, something even worse."

Usually so write those who Has not the ability to play with RT, trying to give the desired for the real one, it is strange, apparently our eyes perceive in different ways the same possibilities, to me It is much more pleasant to play with rays. Well, yes, to each his own.

Also in Windows there is a LOK for 60 FPS, the throttle is cracking without restriction and for the 60Hz TV is a ceiling.

And I have a question, but from the generation of personnel, the script language of the gazebo will not go crazy? or it works only at a speed "real" Render?

There are risks that in general everything will break from physics, pumping a quest kill/bring.

The game and does not know about these painted personnel. By this, by the way, DLSS also allows you to circumvent the processor restrictions, to withdraw more personnel than the processor is able to process.

CPP scripts work. And the Civil Code on the GP. Who should go crazy?

If something else is in the code (hacks, scripts, input, etc.), after the render, new personnel should be taken into account differently from your generated frames.

"All the rest" cannot go after the render. CPU only after them prepares the coordinates of all the peaks in the frame for the GP (the same Render Tred on CPU). And the meaning in the generation is purely at the GP (moreover, it is precisely at the last stage even there – in the personnel buffer it is already being done) exactly the same as in any mental video. Just interpolation of the finished picture. To improve smoothness.

Any card with support for generation in this game will give out so many personnel that no generation will be needed at all)

You’re wrong. I have 4090 and 7700X in the city of subsidence up to 70 fps on QHD. Here is the problem in the game itself and the engine.

There is rather a problem in 7700x)

What place? The game does not use the production of iron from the word completely. The conditional 13900K will not solve the problem, because he literally a couple of frames more will give out specifically in this game.

You probably have some mods on graphics. I have on the ultras in 2k in any location 144 FPS stable. (4070 Ti + 7600x)

A game of those times where a couple of streams were used. Or the problem in your specific config, because without Loka FPS I received at one time at 6700K and 1080SLI in 2K 100+ FPS in 1440p)

from 52 increased to 64 FPS This is called double: D

At the very beginning of the FPS from 49 rose to 130. After, closer to the middle, he turned off the mod and fell to 44 from 120.

Right on Friday last week in Steam bought it and then the news poured over it

It would be better to fix the lags in Boston

It is so heavy that on the steam deck it works at 7W))) Ahahah

Funny. A couple of days ago I decided to play the fourth folich, even stuck on the voice acting, and. 48 FPS and drawdowns in the city up to 36. How did I bomb. Google how to fix it, but saw the videos only about optimization on weak PCs of a few years ago. Well, I abandoned the game. I will wait for this mod.

60 there was already. Need 120, which the engine does not know how to.

And 60 is not a lock, do not confuse. Lock implies the possibility of Angloka. And Fola4a 60 FPS is a base from which a million internal timings are dancing.

Actually, you can spread the FPS and there is a mod on Nexus, which is fixed by the speed of the game at high fps.

I read carefully that I wrote? The entire engine is built around the target 60 FPS! This is the figure to strive for (both below and from above!). What is the use of her "Discharged", if it breaks and accelerates the mechanics where it should not be? Yes, there are crutches that correct the key bugs of such a fault. But, far from all bugs. Play-"chop and eat cactus" of course it is possible. But, at your own peril and risk, and why.

Once again: 60 FPS in foli4e is not a classic Lock, such as "VAB is no longer and not". This is an objective restriction of the engine, which is better not to touch.

Yes, I carefully read and disagree with what was written. These crutches are called mods and almost all people who play gazebos today use these crutches with joy. What do you mean by "Classic Lock" type "You don’t need anymore" in 2023? Today, all games that go out with such a lock are simply destroyed on all forums, and objectively releasing a game of a Loca of 60 FPS in 23 is a very strange muv. Yes, until you said anything about this, I know that the foul has come out for a long time, but even then it was strange. And to the question that it is "objective restriction of the engine, which is better not to touch" – Here everyone decides, if you have an old iron and a monitor of 60Hz, then yes, nothing needs to be touched. If you spent several thousand dollars on the top PC and you have a monitor 144-240Hz and you are already used to playing with a high framework and you have 60 cadres per second already caused almost physical pain – well, here I think there is no need to say anything. Only Anglock.

What does it have to do with 2023? Be kind, pusy 1 simple thing. Someone just blocks the sending of dravkols to the CPU at 60 "Because it just wants". And all this is treated with mods and fixes. And someone writes the engine based on the installation: "We will update the game world 60 times per second, which means that you draw the animations of the Persians based on the same condition, t.e. Smarked – 60, 30, 20, 15. And you draw specifically 15 frames of animation, because your (for example, flash of something there) should last exactly a quarter of a second. " And t.D. And the removal of Lok then in the game will no longer display these things, as it does not consider some others. Some will not be critical for the game (someone does not see twisted or accelerated animations at point blank range, but someone even very much), and some immediately break it. You are interested – here sit and catch all bugs, right and write fashion on them. Isn’t it easier to reconcile with completely sane 60 fps?

Well, judging by the number of people who downloaded this mod, no, to put up with wretched 60 frames no better. As for me personally, I have not launched this game since 2017, so in principle you do not care.

Useful, of course. I have a ray trace of RTX 2080, I showed almost a 4K slide show in 4K.

in foilate 4 trace.. Fashion chtoli? Not surprising then

preset for reshade no more

ENB is better, but there is no ala there "Pascalglikher". Ricade can also be used with him. The whole thing in the presence of mods and straight hands transforms that Sky, that Follych be healthy as.

Fallout 4 is a difficult game? Ahaha, she is a piece of unptimized feces, and not a heavy game, the engine is already 20 years old) Oh, now this engine is in Starfield))

Wrote the base, but the types are kept, mdam.

Kal – in your head. There is nothing to optimize there. Because the engine is a single -circuit and already squeezed out of it everything that could. For a multi -flow, you need to write a fundamentally new engine.

yes typical PG users, what to take from them? They think that in the Starfiret they wrote a new engine engine)) well, in fact, it was, a new engine that will draw 30 fps on a pine tree) everything is the same cool as in Follychi)

DLSS is needed when you want 100+fps
People who play 30 will not have money for 4080

Symbiot’s costume in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 personifies “strength” and includes “unexpected” elements

There are many interesting things in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, whether it is new villains, such as cruising, a world map, which is about twice as much as in previous games, or free switching between Miles and Peter. However, the main character is the Symbiont costume, which gives Peter with new abilities and changes his personality.

Director Ryan Smith shed a little more light on a Symbiont costume and said that his gameplay was based on "strength and transformation". "What really powerful techniques can we imagine? How can we imagine how they work with symbiont tentacles and change the sensations from the game".

Two examples include a symbiont blow that can "hit one goal [and] stick it to the wall". And there is a blow that launches a crowd of enemies into the air. "And this is what allows you to switch programs in the battle of Spider-Man. This is what we had not had before, and that we can bring with a symbiont".

Creative Director Brian Intighar also knows what expectations are assigned to symbiont.

We understand that expectations from the symbiot are high, and we wanted it to be different from what you usually see. Peter and Miles, most of their sets of techniques are based on smoothness, speed, acrobatics, and symbiote is power, strength, aggression, and I think we wanted to make sure that this will be represented from the point of view of gameplay.

Eat "much more aggressive and bordering on cruelty" techniques that Peter can perform. However, do not think that the costume is too powerful – Insomniac balances around strength, and the game will not be "It seem a light walk".

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, the symbiont was noticed in connection with another character. What is its influence on the plot of the sequel? Intichar said:

We try to ensure that in everything that we do, whether it be a gameplay, there is a narrative reason. This is obvious, as you saw in gameplay, [symbiont] greatly affects the battle, but this will affect the plot and how history will develop.

And I think, if you look at the history of the symbiont from comics, then it definitely has aggression, elements of addiction, which, as you see, change the personality [Peter]. But I think that in this game we will continue to explore how it affects people around Peter? Influence on Miles, influence on EM-jaja, influence on others".

Although Insomniac did not reveal how Peter would receive a suit, Intichard said that this is respect for "DNA" franchises, but he is not afraid "Mix things". However, this is more organic, and the origin will be "It is due to why it looks in a certain way".

I will tell you that in this suit there is something more than we showed in visual terms than we showed in Gameplay. This is a combination that we really want a suit to be familiar, you know, a black and [white] symbol of a spider, but at the same time add elements to it, some expected, some unexpected, and some have not yet been disclosed.

Players make fun of “shocking bad” and opponents in Redfall

Redfall has already come out and it did not cause positive emotions. On the contrary, players share their disappointment from gameplay to performance. Now that the players spend more and more hours in the shooter, trying to extract maximum benefits from it, another complaint appears: enemy AI just "Shocking bad".

At least, this is stated in some videos distributed on the network, where it is shown that enemies react to attacks in a completely strange way. The villains do nothing but steps from side to side when they fall under fire, and this gives the players almost nothing complicated, which leads to further complaints that in the current state Redfall is too easy to win.

"This is shocking badly", – Says the user Lolyouseriousbro. "The graphics are bad, and the AI ​​is terrible, the gameplay at best mediocre".

In another place, Sabreddita Neosss1995 shares a video of this AI in action. Although, perhaps, this is the wrong word, because these NPCs are not at all animated.

Others are divided even more amazing examples of poor AI of enemies, claiming that this is what the game looks like the most difficult complexity.

Of course, Redfall entered the market not without a large supply of goodwill. Although many believed that Arkane cannot be mistaken by developing hits such as Dishonored and Deathloop, there were many warning signs in Redfall. First of all, this is a requirement to always be online, even in a single game. For a studio known for its single -user projects, this was a huge blow. Then there was Denuvo DRM – functions that have long been associated with poor indicators on the PC. And finally, it became known that a frequency of 30 frames per second would be limited to console players.

Given all of the above, Redfall will have to try very hard to save your reputation. However, given the number of problems faced by players, it is difficult to assume that this will happen at all.

The creators of The Invincible do not lose optimism, but the next game will be in a different genre

As we have already reported – the first results of the sales of the game on Stanislav Lem’s prose from Starward Industries are far from covering the cost of production. The adoption of Invincible is good and optimistic (the average rating of 72% on Opencritic, 90% of positive reviews on Steam), but sales are still left on the best.

The other day, an investor’s meeting with the management of the company took place, from which it follows that the developers do not lose optimism and hope to increase sales in the long term. Company representatives commented on this approach as follows:

The achievement of our internal goals is now evaluated as a more complex, but still possible. We have a strong base for sales at a high level (high players’ ratings, high interest in the game).

In addition, when asked about the moral state of the team after launch, they answered that employees were proud of how they accepted their game. They added that although the team is very concerned about low sales, they are still focused on improving The Invincible and starting work on a new game-obviously, taking into account the lessons extracted from the recent launch of their debut products. What does this mean? From information that can be gleaned from the aforementioned meeting:

At the moment, the team will work on one, and not two new games at the same time (previously two projects were supposed, but the developers plan to return to this model only after the current problem is resolved).

  • In the next project, the studio will focus on the significant development of the gameplay component, but at the same time it will retain the Invincible formula – the atmosphere and the narrative will continue to play a key role.
  • Genre in which the studio wants to develop the upcoming game, "has a much larger audience", than the so -called walking simulators, and will also allow it to place it in early access. More information about this is not yet disclosed, but the developers hope that they will soon be able to share it.
  • The first product of the studio has been created for five years, everything is built from scratch and gained experience. While the team will not work on two, but on one new game (previously two projects were supposed, but the developers plan to return to this model only after the current problem is solved).
  • In the next project, the studio will focus on the significant development of the gameplay component, but at the same time it will retain the Invincible formula – the atmosphere and the narrative will continue to play a key role.
  • Genre in which the studio wants to develop the upcoming game, "has a much larger audience", than the so -called walking simulators, and will also allow it to place it in early access. More information about this is not yet disclosed, but the developers hope that they will soon be able to share it.

Meanwhile, as for Invincible itself, we got the following news:

The Western release of Throne and Liberty will linger until 2024 to make the combat system more dynamic

Today, NCSOFT confirmed during the quarterly profit and loss report that MMORPG Throne and Liberty will be released in the 4th quarter of 2023 in South Korea, while the Western release was postponed until 2024.

The reason for the delay is the finalization of the combat system. Although Throne and Liberty was originally presented as "MMORPG of a new generation" With a dynamic change in the time of day and weather that affects the gameplay (when firing from a bow, the direction and power of the wind affect the range of flight, and when using lightning during the rain, the skill that affects only one goal in sunny weather changes to the ability of a wide spectrum of action) , the combat system was disappointed when the players received beta version in South Korea. The battle in the current version was based on a target system through Tab, which met in old MMORPG, such as Everquest or World of Warcraft, and not in more modern MMORPG action, such as Elder Scrolls Online or Black Desert Online. Moreover, during the attack it was impossible to even move, which led to a very static fighting. The situation is currently changing:

Positive moments have become a large-scale war and an open world, as well as positive reviews about a business model. An annoying moment was the experience of early development and the need to finalize the combat system, but now this part is significantly improved.

As for the combat system, the reaction rate was improved, which allowed the use of a dynamic battle, as well as attacks during movement. In addition, simple repeated elements were reduced and the pumping speed was increased so that you can enjoy it.

NCSOFT also prepares global closed beta testing together with Amazon Games, which publishes Throne and Liberty in North America, South America, Europe and Japan. Mmorpg, created on the Unreal Engine engine, will be released on a PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X with the possibility of crosspowers between all platforms.