Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time will not be on Ubisoft Forward, and the game itself at the stage of studying the concept

Ubisoft confirmed the absence of the long -awaited Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward event. This revelation left fans, impatiently awaiting news about the development of the game, in a state of disappointment.

Ubisoft announced this on the official twitter, assuring the fans that, although the game will not be presented at the event, the development is still ongoing. The company assured that, despite the failure, the process of creating the game remains active, and fans should not worry about its condition.

According to the recent FAQ, published by Ubisoft, the game is developed by Ubisoft Montréal, at the stage of the concept – early development stage. At this stage, Ubisoft Montréal collects a team of game developers, determines the priorities of tasks, develops the first prototypes and tests various elements of gameplay. This most important process is aimed at ensuring that the game meets the high standards expected by both fans and the game community.

"As for the development stage, now we are at the stage of the concept", – Said producer Jean-Fransa Naud. "Since we headed the project, we have studied community reviews and found our own way to deliver the game. Now we are collecting a team, define priorities, collect prototypes, test elements and see how we can include community reviews in development. While still at an early stage, and players should not expect new news about the game this year, but be sure that we all invest for strength and heart in this project".

The key information from the FAQ is confirmation that Ubisoft is currently not planning to make remakes of other games of the Prince of Persia series. This decision concentrates the resources and attention on The Sands of Time Remake, without dividing attention to other remakes in the Prince of Persia series.

As for the date the game release, Ubisoft has not been appointed it at present. However, they assured the fans that when they were ready to announce a new release date, the information about this will be published. Given the absence of the release date, Ubisoft decided to cancel and return funds for existing preliminary orders. Despite this, Ubisoft stated that preliminary orders can be renewed as soon as a new date for the game is announced.

The developers of the domestic RPG “Troubles” explained the lack of demonstration of the game gameplay

Ambitious role -playing game "Troubles" From the English studio Cyberia Nova should go to the PC in just a couple of months. However, the game has many questions. Particularly interested in domestic players in the features of the gameplay and the possibility of the in -game world. Unfortunately, the developers are not in a hurry to show full -fledged gameplayers of the game, and they have several reasons for such a delay.

According to Cyberia Nova studio, the team continues to actively work on polishing each aspect of the game. At the moment, special attention is paid to the balance of the combat system, animation and lighting. These aspects play an important role when familiarizing players with gameplay, so the developers want to finalize them before the presentation of the game to the public.

Let’s talk about why we are so delayed with the show. The fact is that, unlike visual content – models, characters and Katsen, which we have already completed and reported under the contract, the balance of the combat system, animation, lighting, we plan to polish until the end of the development – the development periods are very short, there is no extra time. “Fully completed half an hour of the game” simply does not exist – the balance of the combat system and the tuning of artificial intelligence bots, for example, affect the whole game generally.

The developers noted that they successfully completed work on various visual content for "Troubles". Now the project undergoes final polishing and testing, which is carried out by an experimental team capable of checking the game as a whole and its individual parts. Thus, Cyberia Nova hopes to evaluate the quality of the project before its release and, if necessary, improve it before the audience presentation.

It is planned that by the end of the year players will receive "A pleasant New Year’s gift". The Cyberia Nova team plans to release the first diary of developers in which the quest will be presented in various ways, game fractions and moving by locations. The second diary will be focused on the combat system and bosses, its display is planned for January, using a new version of the assembly of the game.

Some other interesting answers of the developers:

  • The main character Yuri will visit Nizhny Novgorod, collecting the second militia – of course, he will have to meet with the merchant Minin and help Prince Pozharsky.
  • The developers have no accurate DLC release plan, much will depend on the support of the players, but we hope that we can support, modify and supplement the game. We have ideas.
  • The game will have a pumping system.
  • Metahuman technology will be used to create the main front animation of characters.

Recall that earlier the authors revealed the features of the first game image in the game. Release "Troubles" scheduled for February 26 for PC.

According to Yuri Clondel, Peter’s obsession with a symbiot in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 “is very justified and believable”

Recently, Insomniac Games has released the Released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, demonstrating new and returning villains, as well as the effect of the symbo on St. Petersburg Parker. Although the affordable gameplay demonstrated some terrifying things with his psyche, his attacks on friends only strengthened the fact that not everything was in order with him.

Marvel comics fans are well known. However, for those who know the symbiot only from the disastrous “Spider-Man 3”, which gave rise to Bully Maguire, this may be in the novelty. In an interview with Colleider, actor Yuri Clonde, who played Peter Parker, said that he was glad that fans will be able to experience this.

“Knowing that I will get a symbiot and I will have to play a completely different Peter Parker for some time, it was also very exciting, because the actors love to play villains. But I did not realize how difficult it would be to make Peter bad. Peter is a friendly neighbor-Spider-Man, and make him act contrary to the one who he is to make him become selfish, try to make sure that he becomes cruel, and all that, and find a way to do it … you know, in the past, sometimes, sometimes if you hit the Symbiot on Peter, and suddenly he became Billy Maguire, at times it could be comical, and that was what they really wanted to pay great attention in this game. They did not want it to look like a joke, parody or meme.

Although I am sure that this game will give rise to a million memes, they wanted to keep it justified, and all this happened with the relationship and dynamics of power, as well as how everything changed compared to previous games, both the first game and DLC and DLC and DLC game about Miles. I am just glad that people will go on this trip with us because I was glad to take part in it “.

Clondeal not to get used to playing gloomy characters – he has long been voiced by the Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto. As for whether the same energy is directed to the voice of the symbiot of Peter, he replied:

“Yes, sure. Although I deliberately did not say: “I need to attract a little Sasuke to this,” some coincidence is inevitable. And Sasuke is interesting, because he was a kind of first character with whom I had to do this or with whom I had to delve into this area. Before Sasuke, I was clear and young and young, and I played clear -eyed young heroes, naive, careless characters, and Sasuke was like the first. But now I have been playing Sasuke for 18 years, and I have a connection with this dark place that I may have not had before, and it definitely came in handy.

But again, they wanted to do it very reasonable and plausible so that Peter had a storyline. He does not just click the switch becomes bad, he receives powers, and he begins to disappear, it is destroyed, and we all know how important responsibility is for this franchise and St. Petersburg. Therefore, observation of this and tracking how the situation is getting worse and worse and how it affects St. Petersburg, it was very important for Insomniac “.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released on October 20 on PS5, the preliminary download is available now. Although Peter’s journey with symbiot looks the main part of the game, Venom is also present and sowing chaos. Their individuals have yet to be revealed, but Peter and Miles have to deal with many other threats, such as the lizard and Craven.

Project Zomboid developers reveal the details of the craft and hunting system

This time, the developers decided to tell more about the future craft system and hunting.

As developers have already told in previous news, most of the update of the craft system is associated with the creation of a single, powerful and extensive system for machines, craft stations and devices. This applies to both various things that you find in the world and those that you and your friends create.

The main part of this task was the creation of systems and development methodology that allows much more diverse/interesting crafts and devices much more quickly, which, in turn, is very important for modders and for the gameplay of a medieval post-apocalyptic society, which developers will now support.

At the same time, the game is based on a base that will allow you to implement many other aspects of gameplay – some of them will be included in the initial release 42, others will be added to subsequent assembly 42, and even more – to the main assemblies after that. (However, basic systems will be available to modders from the very beginning).

One of the advantages that gives the update of crafts is the opportunity to make an engineering and electronics gameplay much deeper. This system is based on the concept of components.

An example is the component "Entrance of power", ensuring the supply of electricity to the car from the external wire. Another component can be a craft component that contains a craft recipe that allows you to use any liquid or object in the component of the machine resources where objects, liquid or energy can be stored. It is important to note that each component also has an appropriate user interface designed to interact with the player.

This means that as our library (and library of community) of components grows, developers will be able to quickly combine them to create all kinds of gaming machines and devices. In addition, each component can easily apply a skin of a user interface (possibly already existing in the game, and possibly a new one) so that they look most appropriate.

The components can also be modified, that is, modders will be able to add new components, which can then be used as elements of intra -game functionality and the user interface of the machine.

The ultimate goal is to open the player access to these components as objects that can be obtained by disassembly.

For example, a security alarm will consist of a speaker, the input element of the battery and the motion sensor. The player can collect all these components, remove the motion sensors and install them around his base, connecting them to light bulbs so that they serve as a system of early warning.

At the same time, the speaker, which is part of the alarm, can be connected to the switch so that people on the base can create distracting sounds that scare away zombies or lure them into a trap.

These are only two potential game moments taken from the air, but good examples of believable use of components from real objects.

If you do not take into account all new professions and skills that will appear in the B42, this will finally provide engineering and electronic skills with a lot of usefulness – and will make any person with such skills valuable acquisition for any group of survivors.

This system will also become the basis for the craft wood, providing the functionality of workbenches, craft stations and more primitive machines. For example, for more medieval buildings of one of the forms of energy, the energy of rotation is, which allows you to use mills and other devices for powering machines and stations.

Ultimately, developers hope that any car or device on the map will simply be a combination of these components. Someone will be able to extract them and collect them together in a convenient way: each component will have simple inputs and outputs for objects, energy, liquid or logic.

If we take another step forward, then there will be the opportunity to create functional machines in various industrial cards – functional machines that can be used (possibly even plundered and taken to the base), and potentially make factory locations extremely valuable goals for plunder.

It is also ultimately added by a much more interesting gameplay to the construction of the base and the use of generators. Pipes and wires will appear in the game, facilitating the connection and connection of machines and home systems – instead of striking the position of water collectors to make efficient shells, or just put the generator next to the building and instantly power it.

How far it can go?

Checking the flexibility of the system, Turbbo took several existing sprites from the card to make sure that the system works normally for both our needs and for the needs of the Modder community.

The developers have so many things, so, most likely, by the time 42 there will not be a complete set of replaced "existing machines and devices", But they are sure that these new foundations of the PZ craft system will provide great opportunities for both the existing gaming process, and for the one that they planned for the coming years.

This, of course, was that part 42, the creation of which took the most time (which was not facilitated by illness and hospitalization of the developer in the early stages of development), but it is also the part that they absolutely needed to be brought to mind to ensure that huge The impetus in the development of the work of players and the community, which, as developers know, it can give. Now they are at this stage and are looking forward to the opportunity to demonstrate new applications in the near future.

Follow the deer

A small overview of the animal tracking system (still WIP). Perhaps she could look a little better in terms of visual variability of traces and direction of movement of animals, but it is formed as a rather funny.

Holster and unloading

In B42, not only holsters will appear, but a new item will also be added – the shoulder holster. In addition, now the developers have a military unloading that can be worn instead of a shoulder holster, as well as occupying places that clothing bags occupy.

This unloading provides two additional hotbar slots, which developers are now used for radio and knives, and also provides the ability to use a container that is superior in size to fan-rugzaki. These items can not only be found in the appropriate containers, but also see both existing and new types of zombie equipment.

“New generation” Starfield will not work 60 FPS on Xbox, developers say

For owners of consoles who prefer to play with 60 frames per second, not the most pleasant news appeared. One of the most anticipated RPGs of this generation – Starfield will not be able to boast of a special performance on Xbox, even on the most powerful Series X with its 12.2 teraflops. The new game from Bethesda SoftWorks will have a fixed number of frames, less than 60 FPS.

Starfield uses so progressive visual technologies that the developers had to reduce the performance bar on Xbox consoles. As noted in Bethesda, the Xbox power sometimes allows you to get 60 FPS in the game, but they recorded a 30 FPS mark to accurately display an amazing picture in space. In many ways, the developers went to this because they did not want to sacrifice visual quality for the sake of a modern performance standard.

I think this will not be a surprise, given our previous games, what we are striving for. Always these huge open worlds, completely dynamic, hyperdalized, where anything can happen. And we want to do it. This is 4k in x. This is 1440 in S. We fix it on 30 fps because we want such accuracy, we want all this. We do not want to sacrifice anything of this. Fortunately, everything works fine for us for this. This often works much higher than this. Sometimes it is 60 FPS. But on the consoles we block it, because we prefer constancy when you do not even think about it.

– explains the gem designer of the game Todd Howard.

We will remind, earlier the lack of support for 60 frames per second was predicted by experts from Digital Foundry this spring.

Starfield performance information on Xbox consoles makes you worry about the state of the game on PC. The developers did not comment on the role of the role -playing action and also did not report the likely update with support for 60 FPS, which could go on consoles after the release. The game’s system requirements turned out to be ambiguous. Starfield minimally requires GeForce 1070 Ti or Radeon RX 5700, but recommends the GeForce RTX 2080 or Radeon RX 6800 XT.

The 2D adventure drawn by hand Frank and Drake will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch July 29

Publisher of the Indo-IGR of London/Vancouver/Tokyo Chorus Worldwide Games and the developer of the Barcelona (Spain) APPNormals Team has announced that the 2D adventures of the Frank and DRAKE drawn in Steam and Nintendo Switch in Nintendo will go out. Eshop 29 July 2023, and soon versions for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One will appear.

The last game from the Stay Developers, as well as the console publishers A Space For The UnBound and Coffee Talk tells a strange story in a fictional city in the midst of the Atlantic. Explore an extensive story of neighbors in the room, the action of which takes place in the lovingly scanned city of Oriol, with more than 8,000 persons drawn in the hand of the traditional 2D art, imposed on the shot material.

Frank, still recovering from the episode of amnesia a year ago, runs the dilapidated apartment building in the afternoon as its manager, taking care of Anderdog, a sloppy one -eyed dog moving in a wheelchair. Drake solar allergies forces him to lead the nightlife of the bartender, communicating with his deceased mother from her grave under the moonlight after shift. Recently, he is dealing with visions of homeless people who protect him from unpleasant characters.

The strange circumstances of the duet are aggravated when they both find themselves involved in a strange conspiracy, full of mysteries. Playing Frank during the day and Drake at night, corresponding with the help of stickers left in the apartment, the duet works asynchronously to get to the bottom of the missing memories of Frank, visions of Drake and an invisible puppeteer twitching by the threads.

Immerse yourself into the secrets of the city through an extensive narrative during the seven gaming days, where each choice directs the story along the extensive paths. Get information from several endings to reveal the true reality of the general situation Frank and Drake. Carefully study the whole story in different ways, solving puzzles and performing mini-games.

Assassin’s Creed: Mirage prime minister has revived the hopes of fans for a real game about assassins

Assassin’s Creed Mirage presentation during the PlayStation Showcase was a little unexpected. However, fans do not complain, since gamers have received a lot of material for analysis from the new Assassin’s Creed. At least this is enough to wait for the Ubisoft Forward broadcast, where we will surely see even more gameplay.

Mirage is just a spin -off to the Assassin’s Creed series, which, incidentally, began its life as DLC for AC Valhalla. All this was even based on the same engine. Hence the resemblance to the Scandinavian part of the series, which the players noticed, especially in the animation of Basim.

It should be added that for some fans it is not very good.

  • Typically, Valhalla is considered a very successful part, but it also tired many players in its excessive size.
  • In addition, it was another, after Origins and Odyssey, part of the series where "Assassin’s" The name did not quite correspond to the content of the game.

Therefore, fans do not want to see any common elements with Valhalla in the game. Moreover, Ubisoft promised a completely different experience than in the Vikings saga.

Fans note that, despite the borrowing from Valhalla, AC Mirage actually seems closer to the old stealth sections of the series.

  • Parkuru animation can be identical to the one that was in parts with an accent on RPG, but in Baghdad there are many more places where you can demonstrate acrobatics.
  • Perhaps the most important thing is that the stealth again seems if not in the foreground, then at least in the back. Yesterday’s trailer clearly focused on this aspect of Mirage, which in itself suggests that it is really important for ubisoft.

Nevertheless, the reviews of the players are little delighted, only cautious enthusiasm, and they are waiting for longer shots from AC Mirage.

Yesterday’s video lasts only two minutes, and besides, it was not completely dedicated to gameplay.

As a result, only fragments of the battle (including the so -called finishers) were presented, and some gameplay elements were not shown at all (for example, hide and seek in the crowd).

Nevertheless, it seems that the gameplay trailer did its job – it aroused interest even among the most skeptical Assassin’s Creed fans. Will he be able to support it after the presentation of Ubisoft Forward, we will find out on June 11.

Assassin’s Creed Mirage debut will take place on October 12. The game will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and PC. It is worth noting that the Japanese retailer accidentally leaked the correct release date a few hours before the official announcement.

Well, Rogue was also developed along the way with Unity and in essence was a background to it. And no matter how they spit in Rogue, but the game came out well, and for me personally, one of the best in the series

Rogue is rather the background to the third part, to UNITI there is only that GG kills the father of GG from Unity.

And the very joke is that Arno actually spit who killed his father, absolutely does not care about him.

Outgoing one of the best games of the series is plot, but gameplay is the DLC for the Black Flag, no more.

The plot is just the same, this is not a logical parash that was not supposed to go out, with all my love for the series

At the same time, the game looks like an orijing

Just the environment is similar, and so I did not see anything new, even animation from Valgalla. Just now, instead of huge territories, there will be a city like a UNITI or syndicate. Surely there will be many times fewer ships and weapons than in Valgalla, and you rejoice naive)

Well, this style is suitable for an assassin) Perhaps they want to rethink a series) but it looks pretty budget (

This is 100%, animations in the game leave much to be desired, weak graphics, too, but can optimize for people with weak PCs, or will lag on the top with such graphics)))

For me, the assassins ended in 3 parts

For me, the assassins ended in the concept of arts of the first part)

Absolutely not. Another retail.

And let’s highlight the last three parts in a separate franchise. And I will play in her. And give me another big sandbox. And then it really came to the ridiculous, you play such a thing in Odyssey and suddenly you throw you out somewhere three times a game, where is some kind of modern aunt. Who she is, what is happening there at all, but the devil knows her. You will shuffle your shoulders and play on.

Actually, this was planned, because the origins should have been a new prince of Persia, who could be stretched to the heels of the games, but the hucksters from the Ugsoft decided not to steam but chopped dough with a minimum of costs.

The day is not distant when the Crete is released: Vosh Dogs, because it will be easier to sell after the failure of the legion.

". hopes of fans for a real game about assassins" – in the person of Arab, flying through the streets without a carpet. 😂

The only real pureness were the parts associated with the desmont, t.e. up to revelations.

In the very first part there was a really complex combat system that prevents the enemy from clicking or rabbing from one to another, the inability to quickly kill archers, a more difficult departure from chases, a full-fledged parkour.

In the second parts, a gun and crossbow were added, but the new types of enemies and the features of the tasks compensated for them.Plus all aspects of the gameplay pulled in general.

3 and 4 parts were well diversified by the series with the open world and ship’s battles, but with the loss of a vertical parkour and the transition of a close combat priority for the sake of distant.

Unity, outcast, syndicate – neither fish nor meat. It seems to be interesting games with their chips, but it is clear that the developers have already signed up and simply throw scripts and gameplay innovations just to make new parts from nothing.

Everything that came out later – the head of the edge of the antique cut. Huge half -empty cards, towers, collection, minimum of original gameplay ideas. At the same time, competitors in the person of MIL GIR and RDR2 had both an open world, and towers/collection/side effects, but so sickening from routine gameplay did not become.

He who started playing from the late games of the series is probably already accustomed to such gameplay, but I am preferable to small but worked out locations and scenarios, which concentrate on local suns and mason -illuminates, and not attempts to non -fraud of various historical events or works.

Make a fight like Assin 2

I, as a fan, cannot agree with this statement. I want to see all the basic elements from Valhalla. I just want parkour from Unity. Valgalla is a great game – I say this as a fan of a series of assassins.

In addition, it was another, after Origins and Odyssey, part of the series where "Assassin’s" The name did not quite correspond to the content of the game.

I, as a fan, cannot agree with this false statement. Assassins in fact in the plot play a very important role in all of the listed assassins. I, as a fan of the series, confidently claim that these games are 100% correspond to their content from the name. For they expand the ENT far beyond the scope of the Assassins, which I always dreamed from the very first part. And this is something that lacked the first trilogy – an expanded lorus. For example, I, as a fan of the Assassins, dream of a game of the times of the forerunner, in which they will show the death of ancient civilization and the creation of artifacts, which after a lot of time fell into the hands of assassins and Templars. Telling the story of the Baptists for a series of assassins is largely even more important than the stories of the Assassins themselves. After all, it all started with the forerunner, and not with the assassins with the Templars.

This is true. He aroused interest. Initially, I thought the Mirage would be a full bottom due to a wretched return to the origins, to the worst that there are in the Assassins. But after gameplay trailers, I realized that not everything is so bad. Walgalla gameplay elements are still preserved. And this means that Mirage has a small chance to be a good game simply because it is based on the chic Valgalla, and not the first wretched assassin (from there they took only a visual in fact). But still it would be better if the Mirage was a full -fledged RPG – in this genre the assassins would look much better. RPGs of the series as a whole is not enough.

See how the writer connects together all three Layers of Fear stories in a new cinematic trailer

The Layers of Fear cinematographic trailer debuted on Future Games Show Summer Showcase and spilled a little more light on the writer. This mysterious protagonist is a new character of the series, uniting the heroes of previous games – the artist and actor – in the remake of the first two parts. As you can see in new frames, both previous characters are somehow connected with the writer, but how.

Layers of Fear is more than just a remake of the first two games. It unites the first and second part, including all DLC, and completes all this in a completely new chapter: lighthouse. As shown in the trailer, this new episode will tell about a new terrifying story that will connect all three stories together while you are exploring, solving puzzles and surviving to solve what happened in three different psychological narrative horror.

In a new rethinking of the original game, you will explore the Victorian mansion, which shifts and changes while the artist is trying to complete his last masterpiece. This includes the original DLC, where you play for the artist’s daughter, trying to reveal what happened. And a completely new DLC, The Final Note, who will tell about everything that happened to the artist and his family. Then Layers of Fear 2 continues the theme of the creative obsession of the series, but this time as an actor who was trapped on the ocean liner and subordinate to the whims of the mysterious director. Finally, the writer goes to a secluded lighthouse to finish his book with a story that somehow connects it with all previous stories.

Although this is a remake of two original games of the series, it presents new mechanics and functions that will organically combine all three stories. And he will do this with the latest UNREAL 5 technologies, such as rays tracing, HDR and 4K.

Layers of Fear will be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC in Steam and Epic Games Store on June 15.

Ed Boon hints at the appearance of Goust Face in Mortal Kombat 1

Recently, the Datamayers who managed to get Mortal Kombat 1 during the early access period managed to detect evidence of DLC characters, which will be added in the near future. Introduction for classic characters such as Cassie Cage, Jade and Nub Saibot were found, but everything became a little more interesting when the entry for Goust Face was discovered, as well as the mention of this character in the dialogs, along with the mention of the cloak and mask.

Rumors about the inclusion of Goust Face in MK1 appeared for a long time thanks to this Datamine, but today we received the first official message from the creator of the series Ed Buna. Although he does not specifically mention Goust Face, this character is present in the image that Bun published in X and which depicts several classic villains from horror films and slasers.

Below you can see the image on which the leather face is represented, Freddy Krueger, Jason, Mike Mayers, Pinhead, Chaki, Pila and Goust Face. You may notice that the leather face, Freddy and Jason are standing next to the faces, which almost certainly means that these characters have already appeared in previous games such as Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 9.

The rest have interrogative signs that, obviously, is a very subtle way of bun to hint that one of these characters will appear in Mortal Kombat 1. Given that the growth of chaki and saws is about a meter with a cap, we can safely delete them from the list, leaving Mike Myers, Pinheed and Goust Face as the remaining candidates. It will not be easy to choose from this trinity, but the previous leaks about Goust Face practically confirm that at some point it will be added. It remains to find out when. In any case, we will have to wait for the release of the first batch of DLC, which includes Omni-Men, Peacemaker, Humlander, Takeda, Kuan-Chi and Ermak.

As for other potential DLC characters that may appear in the future, the Datamainers have recently discovered data about the character named Floyd – this is the name of the pink ninja, which Ed Bun wanted to do for a long time.

According to Microsoft, as of 2020, 25 million copies of Fallout 4 were sold

Microsoft also expects similar sales for Fallout 5, which will become the next game on which Bethesda Game Studios will focus after The Elder Scrolls 6.

Several Microsoft documents, which were supposed to be edited, were recently published on the Internet in an unredrined form, as a result of which there was a leak of details about everything: from Microsoft’s plans for the cloud console of the next generation, the new Xbox controller with tactile feedback and much more. Updated data on the sales of a number of games Bethesda also appeared as part of the same leakage.

The most remarkable among them is Fallout 4. Since back in 2015, Bethesda announced that on the day of release the role -playing game was sold in a circulation of 12 million copies around the world, no further updates about its sales were received, however, according to the documents recently published as a result of leakage, Fallout 4 as of 2020 About 25 million KPIs were sold for a year (which means that at the moment this figure is probably much higher).

It is interesting that the document also mentioned that in 2020 The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim was sold about 40 million copies. Earlier this year, director Todd Howard said that more than 60 million copies of Skyrim were sold around the world, which means that fantasy role -playing game was sold another 20 million copies in about three years.

Microsoft also mentions the document that it expects Fallout 5 to be set about 25 million units, as well as its predecessor. It was previously confirmed that Fallout 5 will become the next game, over which Bethesda Game Studios will concentrate after The Elder Scrolls 6, although, given the fact that the latter has only recently entered the early stage of development and until the launch of more than five years, we can say with confidence with confidence that a lot of time will pass before the next main game Fallout is released.