Starfield is currently the least liked by Bethesda game on Steam

Starfield is currently the least popular Bethesda game on Steam: two weeks after launch, the new game Howard Howard received only 72.18% of positive reviews on Valve platform.

Comparison with previous Bethesda Game Studios products shows a great difference: Fallout 4 has 81.87% of positive reviews in Steam, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – 93.88%. Less brilliant is Fallout 3 with 78.52%.

Despite the stellar assessments of the international press, Starfield, obviously, became a victim of an unoptimized PC version, too demanding on performance and having too many drawbacks, but perhaps soon the situation will change.

Bethesda has announced the imminent appearance of official DLSS support for Starfield, as well as all those options that users dreamed of, primarily HDR settings.

Who knows, maybe after the update the situation will change, and many players change their minds, leaving a positive review about Starfield in Steam and thereby increasing its average rating.

Personally, the game did not impress me, neither graphics nor plot. The characters are also unremarkable, perhaps I will not even finish.

You won’t lose anything if you drop, play better in EVERSPACE 2

Open the console, forget the tgm and enjoy the game for just "pass the". The game will change for the better.

This is also the action from the first person?

The game will be revealed to the end of the game, you need to tolerate a little, they said. The game was tolerated.

Thanks to this game, I went again to play Skyrim. With new mods on graphics and gameplay, it has become much better, and let the empty and melancholy Starfield lie and wait for 100,500 mods. Without them, he is like a dried kakulya.

And Skyrim was exactly the same without mods not playable

He was not the same. Skurim calmly passed without a single mod, I got high. So it is with oblast. But Starfail is absolutely illiterate, and I’m not sure that fashion will help here.

Without mods, only Mordovind was normal, passed it in 2020, did not put fashion, as he went through the game for the first time and wanted to watch the original. At first, the truth of the game introduced himself as difficult, but after a few hours of the game he got used to it and went through all, including 2 DLS.

In Skyrim, the original equipment was stupid, so when the mod correcting him came out, he immediately set. But in Tes3.4 everything was more or less normal with this. He did not play the first Tes, but the most convenient vanilla interface was, as for me, even more in the fourth part.

I agree, I also liked the Oblovsk inventory. Apparently, he also had a strong influence on the inventory in Kingdom Come, they are very similar to stylistically.

Well, in the fact of ONE

They have no updated PC?)

Disappointment is simple, 999 empty planets, 3 cities and not a single car!

4 Folych on the release had 60 with something positive reviews

Deservedly, for castrated pumping, dialogs, etc., they did not even deserve 60

Well, I don’t know, I turned it down 4 times, but I didn’t master the 3rd time 3 times (I tried a couple of times), only the Old World Blues basically ran, the three did not come in

make a bet on those who have fewer brains .Spit just on previous fans .

Because 4ka is four times shorter, well, yes, shooting there is much better F3 and FNV 🤷

There is nothing to add, just chewing gum. Only my wife, lover of Sims, tc liked him "You can build houses". After that, there is no trust in the gazebo.

Folych stretched on a star map. It was worth spending time on this shit and delay the development of 6 scrolls. Assembly of mutant ships is more interesting than the rest of the game. = (

You naive think that the scrolls will be a normal game, Todd will simply take the sulfield, pull the textures, add what thread is all -late magic and all the scrolls are ready, and most of the grandmas are poured into an advertisement for a sucker divorce

No wonder in previous games there was an official translation into English. And then they decided to send part of the users to the bathhouse, and they, without hesitation, went to download the fan translation from the torrent!

I would like to believe that the heads together with models will seriously engage in the saturation of the game with plots and content. A year after 2-3 there will be an interesting rich game.

He looked in the news feed at the picture, it seemed that this was the news about the masses, damn it.

I looked at the picture, I immediately rolled nostalgia, almost cried. It’s a pity such games are now a rarity, they make a passage empty.

Don’t worry, you are not the only one.

Who knows, maybe after the update the situation will change, and many players change their minds, leaving a positive review about Starfield in Steam and thereby increasing its average rating.

no, thanks .

It cannot be worse than Wolfenstein Youngblood. This floor is not to break through anyone.

Well, not a fig to yourself. More than 70% and he is not enough? On the contrary, he must thank users for such a favor! After all, he could have had a broken trough at all.

Who knows, maybe after the update the situation will change, and many players change their minds, leaving a positive review about Starfield in Steam and thereby increasing its average rating.

Tes 6 will change too

Most likely this is the last game of the gazebo on this engine and the most offensive thing that the Starfield was the role of ruined ideas

As a fan of the gazebo, I completely agree if before that all their projects aroused the delight of Fallout 3, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fnv (Vegas of course did obsidians but in a cooperative with a gazebo so that this is their merit) more than their games for me always were masterpieces and unique projects.To. No one else does RPG of this scale (well, except for the mmous miscarriage F76), then Starfield does not cause delight, and the terrible optimization completely repulsed the desire to play the game, and this is the first game of the gazebo that I did not buy (although before that everything was before. I bought their projects with great pleasure), the case when the lack of localization turned out to be a huge plus, I would have bought.

And if I will create new bodies, physics, actions are added. Schaders are connected to get wet, skin. Bugs of glitches are removed, artificial intelligence is pricked to create quests of conversation with NPS. The randomization of planets is strengthened. Reducing the detail due to the substitution of the subject at the time of interaction, and not, as now, when each of the interference is their own geometry, creating over 800,000 extra objects, in vain loading the system. They would like to play such a game? And don’t look at the nexus. Nothing will appear there.

Like it or not, still many bought and play with hope! I wish you patience!

if you go to kill bugs here)))

So stupid quests could only write programmers, who are only worried about the work of scripts, as testing the Beta Beta assembly. But why is it all left in the game?)

There are people who are these kV. I like it. I don’t know who they are, but I came across such. They zealously protected these sq. with your chest.

Well, deservedly, according to Todd, 90% of the players 13900k and 4080-4090 cards cost) and the plot in the gazebo games was never breakthrough, but it was possible to make effects 2, but alas

Well, in 2k for 10400 and 3060 there are no problems with performance, and the card is almost 3 years old, so maybe Todd was right, that G*VNO is time to update

On average of them with the FSR (Mod DLSS) 70%.

I have a super and shitty on 2070, and it is more powerful 3060.

MB he will play at 40-50 frames)

His commentary is the previous one on the topic of performance, which I have not seen before)

The plot of the masses effect 2 is an outposed fairy tale about the bun with thermal sizes pr. Morovind and Oblivion demanded powerful computers. Most of the bakers on the release of Igali on medium settings with FPS drops, despite the fact that it would be possible to say that the schedule was not the most advanced in the Shutan was the most advanced, but then the release of the world was a curiosity and was surprising that the Starfield was no longer considered the open world by the standards by the standards Modern Igor with the open world, therefore, Hate. If the gazebo realized seamless flights, all would be very happy and the very first mods were 100% to miss the infa flight so that in the current game. Azazaza

At 3060 in the foul xd problems, about which you, messenger Toda?

Naturally, this Calfield is

The game is empty and boring. Optimization has nothing to do with. If the game has come to me, I would play at 30 fps. Yes, and many I think too. But she does not catch. There is simply no soul in it, as in the same Tes

It is boring due to constant loads and lack of space. It kills "Soul" games.

Well, I have a game on SSD M2 Furi. So I don’t feel loading. But she is really empty. You jump into the system, and there are 2 planets of which 1-on, this is gas. giant. Neither abandoned stations, no skeletons. Why is this system I xs. And there are many. There even NPS with KV. Do not appear. I specifically left the ship to wait 10-15 minutes. Nothing happened. Nobody has even arrived. In general, Dead Space literally.

I also do not feel the load, but the very fact of the impossibility of flying off somewhere he depresses. Or at least reduce the number of loading screens would be great.
As for the planets, generally spit. Well, there is nothing there, and do not care. For me, the main thing is the plot, quests, and even graind.

It is also ridiculous that part of the loads exists simply because: on Neon it went through loading to get to the purpose of the mission, and returned without, just choosing another road

Ungrateful … tried for them, but they did not appreciate. Bad players. Bad.

Was there at least one developer who tried at least somehow? It’s a pity of course that after buying the studio, most of the team did not dissolve and did not leave them only TES and Starfield. And so they are also edfalls. released can be seen Fallut 76 did not teach them anything

It is not surprising, because according to statistics Steam, most players have not updated their PCs

Where is the PC, if the game is empty. There is no way to do. This is not Skyrim. Todd-utter forgot to fill the planets with content.

You haven’t bought Hochma. To the statement that Starfield is not optimized – Todik said, they say, update the PC, the game of the new generation and works well

This will solve the problem of empty space?

Yes, the computers turned out to be so weak that they simply did not load the mapping)

Todd, there is such a track is called (&And)

Good advertising yes, video synematic

Industrial advertising on beagboards, buses, in my opinion I have never seen more than one game that shot, have not been engaged in such deeply processed people with advertising.

The game lags on a trading gland

With optimization of the problem

About high expectations and impression of the game..So you yourself manage the people with the sponsor of advertising that gives an occasion to this..I consider this a manipulation, it’s okay.

Conclusion ..Personally, I think this is my opinion, I considered it to share it, and weigh everything sensibly, given that I am not stupid in the economy and a little politics, I can safely say that this project will be more for a long time to garbage more than Skyrim for a long time. After him, you understood and accepted the mklka what you can and so..Oh Toddushka, honestly say this is a good attempt and respect to a person who runs a company and knows how to make money ,

What about the project – well, I’m not surprised’s like a wrapper and in a nudry huckster from the toilet. nothing has changed in the sprint

Appeal to the people, well, you can not accept and score and fly in the vastness through flat planets and loading screens

Tell me what you understand. This is not cosmos ..and t.D. it is a masterpiece..You are Hater..go to the anus, well, you understand))

And you can play that it brings pleasure if this project costs that kind of money for pleasure . then I don’t mind.My worldview is a little different.

Well, if I threw out my grandmas on her, then maybe I would also be indignant
On the torrent she is a top for her money

She is the shitty the least you like the game..But here they play about 200,000 daily. The rest of the metrics

They went to success. However, it was predictable. Everyone slides.

The situation will not change. The game must be redone almost from scratch. Starfield loses even compared to empirion.

How they softly said Ahahhaha

After the wedding with Sarah (that’s where you need sex lab.), it seemed to be surprised at nothing. And on you – a meeting with the descendants of the colonists.

The options proposed to resolve the conflict were a little disappointed, but these are script scenarios. They can be resolved in the future.

For my actions, Sarah does not love me, and it seems here to take up up against me. I wonder what will happen if I kill her ?

Nothing will happen. Use a mod "The murder of everyone" — Quests hang. The game, so, cunning, start to read – can play a new one.

it’s a pity. Thanks for the answer

burned from this quest – it is so stupid and illogical.

The fact that the game has not entered a pair of streamers does not make the game a bad game. Yes, the game has an ancient engine as a feces of a mammoth, but the game is interesting. Yes, it has heaps of dialogs, and she is without English, but the guys are already sawing a Russifier in the sweat of the face. She is no worse than the same Sky and Follych and the fact that the models create there is a solid magic.

The fact that the game has not entered a pair of streamers does not make the game a bad game. Yes, the game has an ancient engine like a mammoth feces

Starfield on Creation Engine 2. Tell me what ENGINE Unreal 5 — old. Before writing at least google.

The game was originally made incorrectly. Per hour of testing, it counted 27,000 empty commands and errors. As for mods. Except cheats and cosmetics, there is nothing. Since there are no, snails and tools.

21 or 22 years old (I don’t remember for sure). As for mods, I only have an assembly of 53 mods already, +10 cheat mods that are postponed and not used. The game pleases me more than, yes, I saw that trash that is going on with only animations and characters flew from the shots. This does not bother me to enjoy the game, they decide fashion and do not behave like an upstart with high expectations.

Needless to say that I have a Dijital Deluxe Publication in Steam?

Assembly of what, where is 53 mods. Modmakers converge in one, only connected plugins can be considered a mod. Everything else is called cosmetics and cheats.

This does not bother me to enjoy the game, they decide fashion and do not behave like an upstart with high expectations.

Some defecation process gives pleasure, but this does not change the fact that the game: does not use the engine to complete, does not have modding tools, contains mistakes – which is difficult to go around the 7th generation processor.

If you are interested in a list of mods with which I launch the game, this whole list is indicated on my bust. Welcome 🙂

I do not argue, there, in addition to my mods, there are still a trailer and 10 chitter mods, which I designated separately. And so, in general.. Pretty not bad assembly went out, collected 5 days.

Assembly started: 16: 11 10.09.2023

The assembly is over: 22: 11 15.09.2023

I think at least half of the negative reviews from those who put the game on HDD. They treat optimization and work with the disk – the reviews will increase. This is a normal situation when people are unhappy with an unfinished product on the release.

Although, I must admit, among the gazebo games at the start, this is the least amused.

And this site considers all the grades, although even at the playground an estimate of 6.7 balls, this is the fact that there are most whiners of haters, how the yellow press has already got it.

I must admit that this game a lot of people hety for nothing.

As proof, even before the game is released, it has already been shown.

And when she came out an hour later, we had a full people screamed about what kind of game#VNO. This despite the fact that they did not play it 100%. I do not believe that the people who scoured the game before the exit, bought it for 100 bucks without English.

And the funny thing is that they have been cheat about what was known about the game before the release. And 90% of cheaters did not even play, as well as with these estimates.

The game is not perfect, but obviously does not deserve to be so lowered.

Well, this is a dumb position in the spirit, well, this is a gazebo and what you were waiting for? Well, we were waiting for the growth of the quality of the plot, side quests, the quality of the characters, etc. Absolutely any game, whether BF from the dice or AS from yobasoft does not matter, stagnation and rolling out of a full -fingered conveyor fan is always condemned, condemned and will be condemned.

In the case of Skufield, condemnation should be in a double size T.The game is not just stable in terms of quality relative to other studio games, it also deranded in some aspects. As they say in the West, the game took a step forward and two back

Well, of course there is nothing. In total, Howard-Uteka on*Ball with promises and raised a completely different game, like a scam like Randy Pitchford with his strangers (Colonial Marines that), garbage.

There is no open space. The whole world is modular with loads. There is no research as such. Planets are literally empty fields. Generation is worse than in the NMS.The only unknown mechanics is craft, and that is not particularly needed. Even the basic mechanics of the gazeine games are either weakly implemented, or they are not at all, like diving under water. Ships for the most part of the garbage suitcase. AI as in Polish shooters of zero years. The map is probably the most disgusting of all. For each more or less interesting quest with a dozen garbage. There is no directing at all. And this is only what came to mind right away. Game 2023 for 70 bucks, bl.

But the useless fison of potatoes and hundreds of thousands of landfills for the sandwiches piled xs for whom. Probably for devoted fans who do not need more, they will devour.

Let’s compare Tes 5 and Starfield. How Tes begins? You are taken to the block with the leader of the rebels, the dragon flies during the execution, you are running, fighting off. Explosions, screams, confusion. In the end you choose who to run with. On the way you can meet NPS with KV. Near Vaitrana, Yorvaskrs fight with a giant, you can get involved in battle and help.

How Starfield begins? You are some kind of miner digging ore there, found an incomprehensible artifact, saw some kind of vision there and suddenly immediately became elected. Even in Tes, to become an election, you had to spend an epic battle with the dragon with the support of Vaitran guards. And here? You saw dreams, you are chosen, hold the ship and fly, look for more artifacts. Ugh. Wandered around Atlantis, neon, etc. cities. Not a single NPS ran up from KV. I did not find any events in the cities. Okay, at a red mile at the entrance and on Neon they catch the thieves of the contractors. But this is such Presnyatin, they are not even trying to draw you into this plot. Well, they caught a thief and caught, what’s the matter for you? But there would be a battle. Dragons VS guards, there would be a choice to whom to help and with whom to start KV. chain. NPS do not interact with each other at all. Immediately I remember the raid of vampires on Weitran with Tes. There are almost no random events in general, the player is not trying to draw into this world and sq. Occasionally something against the background will be lifted and you supposedly get. (I don’t remember how they. In a separate column, tasks or something like that.) But the gazebo is so do not care. They did not even fill the planets with anything. And the space is generally dead. At all. There are not even necromomorphs.

The performer of the role of Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3 thought that everyone would kill his character

Astarion became one of the most popular characters in Baldur’s Gate 3, as well as a companion with the most devoted fanbazer. However, actor Neil Newbon, having received a role, did not suggest that she would become such an important part of the plot, because in Dungeons & Dragons of vampires are usually just killed.

This information was obtained during the presentation of Baldur’s Gate 3 at the EGX exhibition, where the actors talked about their roles. NewBon spoke about the first days of Astarion’s game and how he thought most players would worsen a stake in his heart.

"At first I did not know that he was a companion, I thought it was just a vampire that you kill because people do this", – Newbon said, answering the question of how he felt when playing Astarion at the very beginning. "Most people, playing the game, kill. I think that most people in this room at least once killed me, right?" To a possible surprise, very few in the audience admitted that they killed him.

The initial fears of Newbon that most players will kill Astarion and do not attach any importance to this were not so far from the truth. Although it can be killed very early, the game gives you the opportunity to kill him as soon as he tries to enjoy you, otherwise you can keep it nearby until the very end. Actually, all companions can also be killed at an early stage, so Astarion is no exception.

However, Newbon was not the only actor surprised by how his character turned out. On the same panel, actor Khalsin, Dave Jones, said that he did not think that many fans would want to frolic with his character in bear uniform.

Drove out as soon as he crept up to drink blood

And I pierced him about. )

Well, in the sense of a stake. )

he also killed in this place, somehow annoyed

He was some kind of some kind, he did not take root

He changes if you finish it, like he removes the mask that his master put on him. It becomes more confident, a friend has become a child

And I didn’t take him to Pati at all, I sent it to the famous letters – his first trick was infuriated with me.

Why kill a character who has plot arches, and thereby.part of the content.

Only Leytezel, Sedouhard, Gail, Astarion remained. All others left, except for the sorcerer. This itself has gone. Even a hamster decided. Glory to Baal!

Then I’ll go through normally)

For the sake of playing? Because you can? Because you want?
The first two times killed him immediately after the crash (Why leave the one who tried to kill you?). The third time in the camp (Some do not learn anything).

So he has never lived to me before the development of his quest. And that’s right, I think. No one is obliged to consume all the content at all, but only the one that is interesting to him. You are not trying to read 100% of the posts on the pegach? And no, it will end with a mental disorder.

What is the Nile Coketa after all. "Ah, what are you, I was sure that the girls (and some part of the boys) would not like a maneuverable sympather-vampier at all. Vampires in fantasy are not at all romanticized, no, no. And that I was forced to read tons of text – well, this is just in case. I did not think that someone would see these remarks at all".

However, he is partly right. In the first passage, this character with this character did not agree so that in the third act he had to give him true death after other vampire offspring in order to completely cleanse the city from evil. For infuriated. It feels like a romantic with him is suitable only for people with a non -hungry complex of a mommy or savior. I did not want to snat out with this produced whiner at all.

My g.G. There was no novel with him, but as a character was a little sorry for Astarion. His master made so many things to do, and he himself did this. As for me, here it is not like a little cuckoo can you go, but specifically so. Take it.

Yes, in the game everyone is a pity, even villains. There, every second has a compassionate story: either a sect, then slavery, then a devilish contract, then mother dropped her head down her head downward. But not every of them is scorched. It’s just that we all know simple rules: if we meet an evil person with a tendency to violence and manipulations, then we do not think that this is because he has a difficult childhood, he is so traumatic, weak and victimized, and we are kind and strong, we Now we will cure it and correct it (especially since there are no psychotherapy vampires and advents "cure" It is impossible, in the framework of the DND5 rules, they are simply angry by nature). We do not see in it a touching tragic cat and do not look for a grain of good, good-light, even if they are undoubtedly, as in every person. We do not spend our lives on solving his problems. We do not adapt to it, do not sacrifice and do not change our decisions and views for the sake of receiving approval. We do not get involved in co -dependent relations. We just sympathize, but try to stay as far as possible. And if this person commits a crime and is dangerous to others – we take appropriate measures, and do not cover out of pity. Many observe these rules perfectly in reality, but in the game they relax and implement their need for patronage, in "Neskuchny" relationships, in the opportunity to bless another without much effort, or I don’t know what else. And I have a wary attitude to such types in my life and is transferred to the game. And when, for the sake of completeness of content, you have to ride in a squat around a character that I don’t even like – in the end it begins to enrage it incredibly. However, a man strong in spirit without special cockroaches in the head in the game generally deficit. Either the comrades with the goddess or the devil in the kit, or the daddy, the Medical Enthusiast, is an enthusiast of polyamoria, or a walking dead man who always needs something – protection, reverent attitude, belief, subordination, blood, power. Literally there is no one to choose from)

In such cases, Rolepley goes into the background, giving way to the desire not to profess the content, at least in the first passage. I have the only serious complaint about the game that when playing with an evil character, we lose a bunch of quests, Sopartians, valuable clothes (for example, the best heavy armor), and we get almost nothing in replacement. It would be better to play shorter, but without this lack.

The first passage is always fan – rock’nroll, pah, roll -up! Thanks to the Larias that there is a dark temptation) and it is normal for the second time to go through.

Why is this we lose better heavy armor? Niche like

The game passed the game three times: a dereriyachki druid, a dark temptation paladin, an oath -criminal, who accepted the gift of Baal and a total exterminatus of all living things, and a temptation multi -class paladin -wizard, along the path of redemption and refusal of Baal – all of Rafail was allwhere, because this pompous smug duck is infuriated, and the best armor infuriates. falls from him

Titan Quest 2 will receive a translation into Russian

Titan Quest 2 will be translated into English. Information about this appeared on the project page in Steam.

Titan Quest 2 was announced as part of the last showcase of the publisher of ThQ Nordic and should return the favorite action-RPG new generation.

Original Titan Quest 2006 transferred the formula popular to Diablo "kill the monsters, get a reward, kill even more monsters" In the field of Greek mythology. This is ARPG in a classic style, one of the most beloved in the genre, to such an extent that in 2016 a remaster came out, which was popular enough to get its own series of completely new extensions.

The game promises a flexible system of characters that allows you to create your class by combining a pair of skills in a unique hybrid. Steam page notes that enemies can "unite in the fractions and work together", To prevent you from coming to your senses, but "meaningful" Affixes production system will help you fight back.

As expected, the game has the possibility of a network multiplayer, but, unlike many ARPGs, they promise in this game "manual" the world, which says that it will not be procedurally generated levels. This, perhaps, reduces reiglable, but undoubtedly opens up opportunities for studying a much more attractive world, filled with more interesting things that can be found.

Nothing is known about the deadlines for the release of Titan Quest 2, but it should go to PC, PS5 and Xbox series X and S. The development of Grimoire Games studio, which had previously created a well-established hybrid RPG -RTS SpellForce 3.

Great and mighty, flourishes. Unlike "imported". -))) he-hee

well, they didn’t leave, everything is logical

The call of the goal was my favorite in 1 part))

And the meaning there is from calls? In the original Titan Quest, this is one of the most useless skills – for the stats of Petats depend only on the level of skill, and do not receive additional buffs on increasing the level of the protagonist.

As a result, at first, at first, at first, by the time of the visit to China, on the basic complexity, it simply becomes a burning manu burden, which merges from bosses and heroes from a half -pike, and does not even pull against a bunch of simple mobs.

Repeatedly verified both on lava gole and on the lich.

Yes, it was so either that I was pumping that then the calls were useless.

So it was more interesting with them) at least some variety than just an attack/protection.

I repeatedly shuffled the points of abilities for the mystic to make the golem and the full pumping for the sake of interest. They still don’t drag.

In the later Grim Dawn from the same development team, the pati is raised with the State.

You apparently played a bad thing in the titanian, they give statins and things + they do not add the heroes, so much add damage, for example a nightmare or a clot. I made a golem with a jaggernaut tank well

Immediately visible in the comments of people who are superficially familiar with TQ. The woops were really weak on the normal, but for some reason the developers screwed Petam inadequate skils from the level of complexity and already on the second complexity, and on the third and even more so – the wolves under the Chusa in the solo were torn off any bosses. The exception probably was only hydra, but this is her completely standard boss.

In the furnace of the woodpecker 4

Diablo 4 is confused

This was expected, the first part is calmly sold at Ru Steam

And now the path is still the announcement of Grim Dawn 2 will come out and will be shikos)))

To the State Duma, it seems, the addition is made

Yahuu. One of the few games of childhood😁

The first part was one of the first games in which he played.. Cool

Gods will no longer help you

One of those games that I will definitely buy, and moreover, I will pre -order.

And Lords of the Fallen and Starfield will not receive)

Well, shit on them. There are many other great games

Well, ThQ Nordic, therefore, it is not surprising that the translation will be, but the above games do not sell in UK

One does not interfere with the other, the rubber is also not for sale, but nevertheless, he has a flull Localization with dubbing, Sony continues to completely localize his games, and there are still such publishers as Team17, who seemed to close sales in the English Federation, but everything is They also translate games and even send copies for reviews to reinsurers.

Do not give a shit. Just wait for a fan translation. It is not good to score on a potentially interesting game for you if there is no official localization in it.

I remind you that the automatic translation has achieved very good results. So the mentioned games will receive a English pe5revod very quickly.

The translation will be, but not declared voice acting. Will there be a voice acting English?

On the page of the game in Steam it is written that no = (

Why voice acting in Diacable?

The main thing is that it would not be like a diablo 4, I played up to 30 levels and threw it because

Che, again delete saves so that there are three chests) ?! Okay persuaded)

At one time, in the first part, I also stuck it as it is now in Baldur 3.

Voice acting would also be in the first part and there will be generally super

I think that the voice acting will be made, if not the officials, then Gamesvoice or mechanics

A good alternative to a wretched (under) Diablo 4 from Sharashkina (Nortip) Office (NOT) Lizov.

Strange … I looked at Stream – generally passed by, although I am a fan of the devil

Hm. It seemed to me that they completely switched to Grim Dawn, but it is like it)

Grim Dawn made Crate Ent., as far as I understand them, they did not get the right to the franchise of the Titan quest. The second part of the Titan of the quest will do people who created an excellent cresterass 3, immediately in the news about this it is written.

I did not understand anything, in Steam it is shown that the voice acting in pendos and fascist languages, and where is English then Karl ?!

Now apparently every news about the English language in Western games sounds like a holiday. I recently tried to play Inglish, in Resident 4 and TLOU, I was afraid that I didn’t understand a damn, but my A2 with a tail was enough not to lose the thread of events, but of course this is not enough. Those people who constantly say – teach English, there is an elementary level. Well, of course, how do you start to speak at different British and Asian accents at a speed of 2x – there is nothing to do without subtitles, the words often turn into a stream of water, and reading Inglish subtitles, you meet complex vocabulary and grammar according to the type of Perfect and different variations of continuity, not already speaking about pledges, variations of dividing issues and slang reductions and all this in a frantic stream, in the seemingly not in the most voluminous texts. So on statements – there is elementary English – dialogue can be finished with such smarters. Of course, the English language is necessary for our gamers, but Western developers are not required to enter the English language into the game, questions only to our officials – how they allow goods into the English market without transfer to English. And so, of course, you want to be in the topic – study English yourself, pull yourself up, interest, if you certainly need or do not, decide yourself, do not listen to anyone, but do not blame the whole world, no one owes anything, we owe only All your grandmas are sucked, but this is how capitalism is arranged – a bitter tablet, but you will swallow in silence and nothing to affect, only it remains to be clever in the comments, well, what actually I did now.

Obligated! For the English language is included in TOP 10 the most common languages ​​of the planet. English language is not only UK. English in 8th place among those people for whom it is a native. And on 5 the place of the top, if you add here all the English -speaking people of the planet who learned the English language.

If you want to suck grandmothers, first you need to invest. Without investment, there is no suction of profits. If the grandmas do not put in addition in the English language, then there will be nothing to succeed. So capitalism works! And what you are writing about has nothing to do with capitalism.

Tell me, and some British will teach Chinese, Korean and Japanese to be in the subject? No! They will demand to add English. They will say about this openly and brazenly. As a result of their impudence: all major releases always have English.

Why now? For me from the 90s, the news about this sounds like a holiday. At that time, the English language was much less in games than today in 2023 in sanctions. English language is always a holiday. Not only now. Namely always!

English is not as common as you think. It is not necessary to study English to be in the subject. There are other more common languages ​​in the world. The same Japanese, for example, usually two words cannot be tied in English, and generally nothing but Japanese usually knows. But this does not stop them from being one of the most gaming country in the world and develop one of the best games. Whoever wants the Japanese market is transferring his products to Japanese, and nothing else. For such is capitalism. You cannot earn on the product if the population does not understand the language of this product. Therefore, under capitalism, they are required to translate games into other languages. It is obliged! Otherwise, you can’t get into the market and you will not suck money from the population.

This is not a question for English officials. This is a question for Western capitalists, but whether they want to make money in the English market? If they want, then the translation will be. If they do not want, or if there are some political motives not to give a English translation, then there will be no translation. And if they want money and politics does not interfere, then to be a translation, for the English language is included in the top 10 language of the planet. Depending on which rating and how to count it, the English language usually takes 5 to 8th place. Therefore, it is most profitable for Western capitalists to make translations into English.

Overwatch 2 broke my own online record on Steam

Overwatch 2 I broke his own online record on Steam on Friday evening, August 11. At some point, there were over 75 thousand users in the game, which became a new achievement for the team shooter.

Nevertheless, the Blizzard team shooter continues to be one of the lowest valuable games on the Valve platform. The game at the time of writing has a little more than 11% of positive reviews now. Players are unhappy with monetization and PVE content in the “Invasion” update. According to them, the developers released less than promised.

"Overwatch 2 I broke my own record online on Steam on Friday evening, August 11."

"Nevertheless, the team shooter from Blizzard continues to remain one of the lowest games On the Valve platform. The game at the time of writing has a little more than 11% of positive reviews now."

The game only went out on a new site, of course it will be online there. Let’s see in a month, then you can post these pictures

In addition, players from Launcher Blizov also moved there

That is, for a free toy max online only 75k? And then not for long))) Wittty when the over was paid there and that was more online) And after the disgusting system of monetization and the violence of everyone to the pseudo -synee, the players left. Even in Steam, the game did not gain the right online. With the release of the new sorphage and the third Payday about Overwatch will be forgotten. Bravo Blizard. This is a successful project management. I see you on the cover of the book “How to Get a Good Game”.

I agree with this Chelik more. "Yygy in Freedia game skin and Content Paid Arya"

Indeed, only the problem is OW2. Unrestrained promises of Bluezov about the singlePleler regime, broken balance, an even more aggressive agenda and a minimum of changes compared to the first part is the case, garbage.

Regarding the PVE – I partially agree, I myself would be very glad to this regime, but it was not in the first overt and there wasn’t it in the second (although they seemed to be added in the last update). The game did not get worse.

"Broken balance" – Everything that goes beyond "rock Paper Scissors" a priori can not have any perfect balance, this is all subjective and the opinions here are an infinite set. IMBOUR OF THE STRECTION PERSE in subjective opinion – you need to write on the forum and collect the support of opinions, that’s all. Nonerfykut by the result.

The agenda – what can be done, in the West they cannot. But before the dawn before it seems somehow, no one had anything much. And the frank gay (in appearance) is one thing. What will they say on the forums "Here is this lesbian in here he is" – they can say anything so that you don’t get from the authorities, this does not directly affect the game itself.

A minimum of changes – not special, but it seems to be the whole engine in the root of the other, if you play enough in the first – it is all felt. The balance, on the contrary, made such an interesting to play for any class, what was 5×5 – added strength and significance to the tank, for the damages that it used to be interesting to play, Hilers are also funny. And each Persian gples have its own unique. There is no alternative to the VEVER except paladins with their shameful quality as if the game is still on the open test test.

Here are arguments, not "yyy game Donatical garbage". That there is frankly donate so these are skinny and all. In the first overpat, if a fan of playing, at all without donates, it would be possible to receive almost all the skins/buy for free currency. And the game, as it were, should earn a minus to leave.
In the second overly, even the Persians of the new ones can be opened for free, you just need to play, and not immediately, having paid for Battle Pass. More than enough time.

The long -suffering Skull and Bones has another new window for the release

Ubisoft published an income report, which means that we should get the next news about the Pirate game Skull and Bones, the output of which was postponed six times. And although the news is not definitely another delay, according to the latest data, we can expect the release of Skull and Bones from January to March 2024.

If you have not yet followed the development of the events of the pirate adventure from Ubisoft, fasten your belts. For the first time, Skull and Bones was announced at the E3 2017 exhibition, and its exit was scheduled for autumn 2018. Since then, the release of the game has been postponed six times, and the last delay that occurred in January of this year pushed it away, as states, "The beginning of 2023-2024". This is a somewhat vague term that could mean any time in this or the beginning of the next year, but at that time it seemed that we were talking about the current financial year Ubisoft, which ends in March. Thus, although the hopes were not great, Ubisoft seemed to aim at the release, which once again passed it.

However, in today’s report on profit and losses for the first half of the financial year (ending in September), the company called a new term – "4 quarter 2023-24", That is, between the beginning of January and the end of March 2024. Given that at the moment we have already six delays, there are no special reason to be confident in this statement, especially when you consider that Skull and Bones lost its third creative director last month. We managed to play the game in August, and we spent a good time, but so far it is unclear when the rest will reach it.

In addition to postponing the exit time of Skull and Bones, information about the deferment of the game output also slipped in the Ubisoft profit report. Remember "Another big game", about which the company spoke in its reports over the past few quarters? She was postponed next year. Although Ubisoft has not confirmed what kind of mysterious game this is, we know that Ubisoft expects that it will be a larger game at the Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry level, but there are reports that it can be Star Wars: Outlaws, which became known about in The beginning of this year.

Lords of the Fallen (2023) attracted 400% more simultaneously active users in Steam than the game of 2014

Lords of the Fallen recently reached the PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S, but this is not the first game in the series. In fact, this is a reboot – the first Lords of the Fallen was released in 2014. Can a team of developers be satisfied with the indicators of the new game? We do not have official data on sales yet, but for comparison we can use the number of simultaneous players in Steam: judging by them, the new part comes to the first place.

The 2014 game reached a peak of 8 024 player in Steam, and Lords of the Fallen (2023) has already reached 43,075. Moreover, given that on Saturday night and Sunday evening there is an influx of players, it is possible that the figure will change and reach a new peak.

We are talking about an increase of 436% of the original to the newly released Lords of the Fallen. We also note that Lies of P, another recently released SOLSLAK, reached a peak of 19,618, which is a little more than half of the Lords of the Fallen indicator.

Still compared the total number of active users of Steam now and 9 years ago

I liked the first part more, there was good graphics and combat execution more interesting. Here the fighting as if it had become weightless, there is no recoil is not particularly felt

There is a visual style of armor, environment and enemies at an altitude!
Some enemies look like enemies from Severance: Blade of Darkness

I agree, in the 1st part of the armor were gorgeous, pathos.

The fighting is interesting? The same clubs in any class that you stupidly wave and climb the face to collect all the damage! very interesting. stupid mess without a hint of battle. the graphics there was also very average.

Visual reservation style? STO-kilogram armor on the whole body and shoulderies like two car doors covering the floor and a normal overview? since when is the full armor is a style? There was no such thing! The environment is also secondary. boring fortresses without a hint of beautiful architecture! just compare the lock at the beginning of this game and I rocked the cold valley and anor Londo from the third souls! The castle from the first Lords did not lie nearby with these locations from the third souls! Enemies? I beg you. Empty boobs in the same armor. In souls or in Elden ring, enemies are a hundred times better and more beautiful. even stupid zombies are better. I’m not even talking about better mobs!

Paphos? And what is the pathos of a bulky armor of a stupid warrior? Never lay knights have been about pathos!

Well, Duck is not surprising, given that the original was the most disobedient game with Denuvo, despite the fact that she had no fame.

Well, the lords are really good, if the normal system is there are no problems in 2k, everything without DLSS goes into the flooded 60FPS on the ultra. And the disadvantages come from those who do not pull. The game itself is much better than Pinocchio, at least with a balance, everything is ok and lvl design Soulovsky and not gut.

Some density is unreasonable, but normal graphics. Dark Fetii, 2 Cool Worlds, new mechanics lamp. Everything in my opinion is normal, certainly better than 80 Seolslowers. Plus a complete coope.

Cons is placed by the owners of microwaves in closed buildings of white

No, just a game of trash

So the past parts of the ds is the fuck, how is it the same and even better

I absolutely agree with you. I already come in more than Elden Ring. Yes, even walking and just to admire-

So Steam users became 4 times more)

We need to try the game.

tried to give the game a chance, but the game fierce fierce

There is no dull gapley, there is no graphonia – I chased 2 hours and deleted it, but I pay tribute to the authors for competent marketing – they created a hype, which many were led to – at some point they even compared it to Gamno with Elden Ring, essays, this craft is not standing nearby. There were no problems with performance – DLSS works clearly, so update your buckets))

1 part of the garbage dumps have already passed, the gameplay of any of the Dark Soul or BB with Pinokio described the gameplay

And why is it not worth it next to Elden Ring?

bring the kui to your finger and look, they are similar or not

Buddy, we are all very interested in your personal opinion. Elden Ring has no less disadvantages than Lords of the Fallen 2. The same crooked animations, terrible rifts with a kilometer window of invulnerability, a bunch of filler content. In general, these are already significant shortcomings. Although what is there to sign when you get answers in style "Kui iron with a finger".

It is not sacred, the previous part is a crooked copy of the DS with its plot for 3 kopecks, and the new one is almost DLS to the DSU.

I am the first that the second did not like. I want a new Souls, but from this game it turns like from a mediocre craft, although it looks great and the fighting is no worse than in fading ds. Something is not enough for the game. For some reason, it is perceived as a mediocre clone in which all the elements of the Souls have been stuffed, but the main, secret, ingredient has forgotten.

Everyone, such a problem, reached the boss that is on the horse, and now all when I use any bonfire, then the game is just painting, maybe someone knows the reason ?

You save letters? What is the problem to write normally "Hello"?)

Yes, I save, problems?

And the problem has something to say.

So then the audience was more truly more and more, any shut -down, yak game of a thicket is perceived

So this is a success. It remains to wait until the game is finished with patches, maybe they will release the dls

Game top, good replacement of garbage 1 part

While standing and admiring – good. When you start moving, it becomes extremely cheap by touch. The run is too fast, and the sprint generally creates the feeling that the engine is intended for racing arcades. Attacks too much advance the hero forward (as well as the enemies of their attacks), and the rifts are too far roll the character. The animations are terrible, torn and never claim to be of high -quality battles (an example of ideal animations and timings – Sekiro). And this is only a small part of the problems. What can be seen immediately and what is unlikely to once fix it. This all gives out the game in quality, level of Mortal Shell – everything is the same there. You stand – beautifully. Start playing – terrible. Partly the fault of the engine. The only game on Henrila that turned out to be worthy – Atomic Heart. But here it should be noted that everything is visible there "peculiarities" (bad) engine. Who understands what I mean – he understands. This is when the engine without knowing you can determine by playing 10 minutes. And this should not be. Plus, the Sunrus of the shooter is more loyal than Souls-Like, where animations, speed and positioning of the character in space are extremely important.

Slasers and I love. GOF of War, for example. But there everything is fine with animations, from the very first part.

Atomic I xs is normal, the graphics there are much worse

Atomic Heart-Unreal Engine 4

Lord of the Fallen 2023-Unreal Engine 5

All the norms there are with rifts and sprints, if the Lord would have come out earlier than Oxtiro or Darka, you would say that they have no rollers because I got used to the Lord. In the lord, they overdoed with a fan.

Still complain about optimizon, but it is a norm for UE5 (although not one game has yet reached UE5 with norms optimizon) 60FPS without subsidence with high with DLSS.

But what if you create a company for the release of video games and release the same game once in 9-10 years, well, a little better graphone, screw the shadows, permission is higher, etc. And others are getting the same thing to get in (I’m not talking about elections in the English Federation now)

Halo Infinite refuses the seasons, since 343 confirmed that there are “completely new projects” in the development

343 Industries has just conducted a new live broadcast for the community, telling what Halo Infinite is waiting for in the January update (CU29) and further. Let’s start with the update that comes out on January 30 and includes many interesting elements.

During the broadcast, we saw some items for customization, including the free nucleus of the Mark IV armor (which will simply appear in the arsenal of players) and three helmets from the Halo series: KAI-125, Riz-028 and Vannak-134. Also will appear overhead nuclei.

We learned that 343 Industries decided to rest on the system of operations presented in the fifth season. The first in 2024 will be "Spirit of fire", which also starts on January 30, and two more operations during the season will follow it. IN "The spirit of fire" There will be many items complementing the nuclear of the armor Mark IV.

The second operation will be with aesthetics "Viral machine", And followed by an operation with a focus on soils.

There will also be a new card – a symmetrical arena called Illusion.

Forge lovers will receive a Covenant palette with more than 70 thematic objects, including elements of structure, VFX, decolleys and much more. Players will also be able to configure the colors and materials of some biomes and decoratives.

Of course, it will not do without updating the quality of life, correcting errors and improvements to AI tools. More information will be published in the coming days.

In future updates, we will also see a palette of objects for aliens (the name is not yet final) and a palette of flood objects. They will not appear on January 30.

At the end of this year, 343 plans to create a function similar to Match Composer, which will allow developers to add much more content, without hiding it and without forcing the players to scroll through a long list.

At some point this year, 343 will also introduce an Anti-Cheat anti-cheat in the game to combat cheating.

And the last, but no less important: 343 announced that she refuses seasons. Updates will be timed to operations, and there will be no more "Seasons" With special seasonal passes. In fact, the January renewal will not be called "season", but just Cu29, or Content Update 29.

Speaking about the future of the franchise, we learned that although 343 has a special team working on Halo Infinite support, there are other teams, "accelerating to the future and working on completely new projects".

Chained Echoes subjected to Revoy-bombing

Chained Echoes is a step -by -step role -playing game that has received recognition of both critics and players, and has become one of the most rating game releases of 2022. But now, a few months after its first launch in December, it was blown up by reviews. According to Opencritic, Chained Echoes has a total rating of 90 points, which firmly approves it among the 10 most rated video games last year.

Chained Echoes pays tribute to the classic Japanese role -playing games of the SNES era and at the same time moves the genre forward. The game has implemented a unique combat system that makes step -by -step battles rapid and strategic, and also offers an emotionally exciting plot full of interesting characters and heartbreaking turns. Since the release of the Chained Echoes last year, has received almost universal recognition, but recently the assessments of users of the game have changed.

On the pages of Metacritic for the Chained Echoes on various platforms, many low user assessments have recently appeared. This, in turn, significantly reduced the user rating of the Chained Echoes, but no real "reviews", explaining why the game became an object of attacks, it was not published. The head of the DECK13 products department put forward the version that users from a certain region give the game low grades for not supporting their language, but this was not confirmed.

Recently, the Chained Echoes team took part in AMA on Reddit, and the publisher notes that "Quite often you get "Hey, transfer to Spanish", or "When Chinese", or "When the Brazilian port"". Deck13 tried to explain that due to the duration of the game, the cost of translation and a relatively small user base in some regions, localization is often impossible. And it was after this that this attack began "empty" reviews with negative assessments.

For some reason, the Xbox Series X page for the Chained Echoes has not yet been attacked. At the moment, this version of the game has a common rating of critics 88 and almost the same user rating – 8.7.

However, by and large, this should not much harm the reputation of the game. In the end, the Chained Echoes is still one of the most rated new games of 2022 and should apply for several awards at the Game Awards of 2023, as it went beyond the last year’s program.

Chained Echoes is already available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you can use your associates in the role of “cannon nuclei”

The release of Baldur’s Gate 3 is no longer around the corner, and the developers from Larian Studios are used to promote their next role -playing game, which continues to be classical series, and the remaining time. In the interview published on the eve of the interview, the authors spoke in detail about eleven races available in the game. Perhaps some facts about them will surprise you.

Three developers took part in the Gamespot interview: Swen VinCke (Swen Vincke, Director), Adam Smith (ADAM Smith) and Nick Pechenin (Nick Pechenin, leading system designer). They briefly talked about all the characters available in Baldur’s Gate 3 – each with their secrets and details, but most of all, the representatives of some races can literally throw a battle in the field.

As it turned out, half -rings are an ideal option for shots:

The cool thing is that if you have companions, which are also barbarians, sulfurls, then you can throw them in all directions, since you have enough strength for this. Such a build, similar to a cannon core, I definitely recommend.
– said Nick Pecher

In such situations, I always remember the scene from "The Lord of the Rings".
– added Sven Vinka

Unlike a cult scene with Gimli and Aragorn from "Two towers", Dwarves in Baldur’s Gate 3 cannot be used as semi -rings; According to the developers, they "Too heavy". Double gnomes – these "Ideal for throwing".

It should be noted that tifling (devils) and gnomes will play an important role in the plot campaign. At the same time, other races can cause NPC a negative attitude, in particular, the drow or dragonorrheated-many NPCs may relate to us differently because of our origin.

Other new races will appear in Baldur’s Gate 3, such as the dewrong semi -figures and mysterious GITIANS. How each of them behaves in the game, we will find out very soon. The release of the game on the PC will be held on August 3, and on PS5 – September 6.

Alan Wake 2 developers told why the creation of a sequel took so much time

When the first Alan Wake game was released for Xbox in May 2010, most gamers thought that soon after that we would see the continuation, given the success of the game. As it turned out, this was not so, and only 13 years Alan Wake 2 is preparing for the release.

In an interview, during preliminary viewing, the developers from Remedy told why it took so much time to release the continuation of the first game. This question was answered by the director of the game Alan Wake 2 Kyle Rowley and the main narrative designer Molly Molly.

This is a difficult question, because, obviously, when we finished Alan Wake, we really wanted to make a sequel, but for various reasons nothing happened. Every time we tried to create a new game, it began as Alan Wake 2, so the QUANTUM BREAK was based on ideas that we wanted to embody in Alan Wake 2, and Control had some ideas that we initially studied for the sequel, and it just did not always fit into the type of game that we planned to make at that time. So we just just stalled or something like that. Then, after creating Control or while working on Control, we thought: we really, very want to find a way to do it now. At that time, the Horrov industry, as it were, was gaining momentum, not only inside the games, but also inside pop culture. I think that Control’s success also gave us more freedom in the study of such opportunities.

I think this idea very inspired many of us. I think Sam (Sam Lake, Creative Director) sometimes says that this is not the first version of Alan Wake 2, but this is the best version. I think it was a combination of correct ideas. Obviously, Epic Games was an excellent partner for us, so it looks like the stars came together, and this game should finally be created. But I think this was done when it was necessary.

Let’s hope that if Alan Wake 2 justifies the hype, and we will not have to wait so long for the third game of the series.