For the PC version of The Last of US Part I, a major V1 update was released.1.0

Naughty Dog did not abandon the PC version of The Last of US Part 1 to continues to attempt to bring it to the expected level of quality. This update is primarily aimed at improving performance, Steam Deck, various failures and much more. The size of the patch is not small – 25 GB.

The loading of this patch will lead to a complete restructuring of shaders.

Change Journal:

  • Optimization to increase the overall performance of CPU and GPU in the whole game
  • General improvement in texture and environment loading
  • Improved shaaders compilation time
  • Fixed a mistake that could arise after changing the user settings of the controller
  • Fixed a mistake that could occur in the photo mode while maintaining images in 4k format
  • Fixed a mistake that could arise when playing Ultra graphics with DLSS turned on
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when using a mouse with a high DPI
  • Fixed a mistake that could occur at the entrance to the menu "Options > Graphic arts
  • Fixed numerous failures affecting players with Intel graphic processors
  • Fixed a problem due to which players could lose the opportunity to aim or shoot immediately after leaving the menu
  • Fixed a problem due to which the flashlight textbook did not leave the screen if it ignored it
  • Fixed a problem due to which the exit from the photography mode could lead to the player abandoned the equipment
  • Fixed problems because of which players could see outside the game world in some locations
  • The problems were eliminated, due to which the screen ruptures could occur with the V-Sync function turned on
  • Fixed the problem with the sound that could arise when using USB audio equipment along with spatial sound plugins
  • Support for players using third -party audiorauders have been added
  • Fixed a problem in which a change in graphics preferences (Options > Graphics > Graphics Pressets) The game was not preserved
  • Fixed a problem due to which the Speedrun timer could roll back after a failure or when you enter the desktop
  • Fixed a problem due to which the scrolling descriptions of the menu could not be moved using the mouse scrolling wheel
  • Updated the user interface of the QTE buttons for the correct display when using Xbox controllers
  • Several errors of translating the text into the game in the game, in the menu and in the text have been fixed.
  • HUD GPU performance more accurately displays use when starting, CPU HUD is now more accurate
  • Fixed a problem in which the settings of the aiming mirror did not affect aiming along the motion sensor
  • Fixed a mistake due to which the settings were not reset to the default values ​​if the players have any drop-down menu
  • Fixed a mistake due to which scrolling in photo mode did not affect the game camera
  • Fixed a problem due to which the game could drop the user monitor settings when starting the game
  • Fixed a problem due to which the loading of shaders could be displayed as completed before it was actually
  • Fixed the problem due to which the LED indicators of the Corsair and Logitech devices turned off when starting.
  • The display settings are now preserved for each device, and not transmitted through cloud storage
  • [The Suburbs] Fixed a bug that could occur during the battle of snipers
  • [The Suburbs] Fixed a problem due to which Sam looked wet during a cinematic scene in dry areas
  • Added new graphics prescription "Very low level" (Options > Graphic arts > Poestures of graphics)
  • Added a new AI quality setting in the graphics menu (parameters > Graphic arts)
  • Added a new setting of the quality of dynamic lighting in the graphics menu (parameters > Graphic arts)

Given the specifics of AMD:

  • Fixed a problem due to which the game could fall during the construction of shaders on AMD equipment
  • Fixed a problem due to which when the monitor of using the graphic processor is turned on > Hud > GPU USAGE) FPS could decrease.

Epic Games Store:

  • Fixed a bug that could occur when going out to the main menu
  • Fixed a problem due to which vibrations did not work for some players


  • Fixed a mistake affecting the players who did not have a Steam user folder

Steam Deck:

  • General improvement in performance when playing Steam Deck
  • The problem of memory leakage is eliminated, which could lead to failures
  • Fixed a problem in which some tips of the buttons were incorrectly leveled
  • Fixed a problem due to which changes > Graphics > Graphics Presset) could cause an intensive lighting effect
  • Fixed a problem due to which the intra-game HUD did not correspond to the FPS value in Steam Deck Performance Overlay
  • Fixed a mistake that could occur during the loading screens
  • The density of the effects is now set by default on very low instead of low
  • [Resort leuxide] Fixed a mistake that could occur at the beginning of Cutscene
  • [Pittsburgh] Fixed a mistake that could occur at some control points
  • [The Outskirs] Fixed a problem in which the blocked FPS made it difficult to move the pushed objects.

We in the Naughty Dog and our partners from Iron Galaxy closely monitor the messages of the players in order to maintain future improvements and corrections. We actively optimize, work on the stability of the game and introduce additional corrections that will be included in the regular future updates.

For the 4x strategy of Humankind, an addition to the culture of Oceania was released

Humankind received DLC “Oceania Cultures”, where players will be able to go to new horizons and explore the continent of Oceania. The addition of “Oceani Culture” is currently available in Steam and Epic Games.

The new DLC Humankind includes 6 new cultures, 6 new miracles, 7 independent peoples, 15 narrative events and the new soundtrack. The addition goes along with the update of Bonny Update and the free culture of the Caribbean pirates.

Humankind is a strategic game in which you lead your people from ancient times to the present, combining historical cultures into your unique civilization. With the release of Oceania, the total number of cultures in the game grows up to 86.

Six new cultures:

Era 1-Pama-Neng (esthetes). Various groups spoke in Pama-Ning languages, which spread in most of the territory of modern Australia, starting from the Middle Holocene. The carriers of Pama-Nuna brought to the areas of their resettlement not only their languages ​​and social organization, but also new cultural and artistic practices.

Era 2 – Polynesians (expansionists) – in the first millennium BC. e. The earliest forms of Polynesian culture arose in a triangle formed by the islands of Tonga, Samoa and Uvea, in the 4th century BC. Surrounded by the expanses of the ocean, they developed innovative navigation methods that helped them conquer the Pacific Ocean.

Era 3 – Rapanui (builders) – Rapanui settled the island of Easter in the 12th century AD. In this remote area, they managed to survive, despite the difficult conditions, to exploit their natural resources and create numerous statues and large ceremonial buildings.

Era 4-Maori (militarists)-Maori settled mainly on those Ika-A-Maui, Northern Island. In these regions, they built a complex society consisting of clans and large families, the bonds of the solidarity of which were supported and even strengthened during conflicts and wars.

Era 5 – Hawaiians (agrarians) – starting from the end of the 18th century, deep changes began in Hawaiian society. Political associations and expansion of contacts with foreign cultures changed their very diverse society, since the Hawaiians continued to reap the fruits of the Earth and the Sea.

Era 6-New Zealanders (scientists)-in the 1940s and 1950s, New Zealand left the British imperial system faster. In the next decades, New Zealand intended to transform the social model created by the governments of Sedundon and Savij, while investing in technology and industries that would provide energy independence.

Six new miracles:

  • Uluru
  • Aitatiah-lagun
  • Range Bangl Bangl
  • Play-Walkan
  • Royal Palace Papaet
  • Mauna Kaa Observatory

Plus seven independent races, 15 new plot events and new in -game songs written by Arno Roem.

The author of Star Wars Outlaws revealed new details of the game

In an interview with Kotaku portal, the narrative director of Ubisoft Massive Navid Havari shared fresh details Star Wars Outlaws. The developer called some locations and spoke about the structure of the game.

Outlaws takes place on the planets of the external ring – the border territories of the cosmos, beyond which the universe is unknown. Some of the worlds are well known to fans – a sandy tatuin covered with Avik jungle, mountain Kijimi. Others – invented specifically for the game, for example, the moon of Toshara. Her climate arose, and criminals of all stripes live everywhere. The main character Kay Vessa and the robber herself, so she feels on Toshara at home.

“Cosmos is a very profitable, but risky place for any criminal. If you leave the beaten path, your craving for research will present surprises. Thus, you can abandon the contract for the theft of imperial cargo, and then get distracted and go on your spiderbike to Savanna Toshara in search of an artifact, and the game will reward your curiosity, ” – Navid Havari, Narrant Director.

Kay will have his own reputation among all criminal syndicates in the game – depends on what relations the heroine develops with each of them during the plot. All this will affect the tasks that the fractions give out. If you wish, the grouping can even be pushed with your foreheads. Moreover, gamers will see many familiar characters of the franchise, for example, Jabb Hutt.

According to Navid Havari, from the point of view of gameplay, the structure of the world of the game can be divided into three parts. The first includes densely populated cities and busy cantins – bars where you can meet members of criminal clans and corrupt imperials leading things with each other. The second is the mysterious and low -off expanses of the planets that can be examined on foot or on a speeding. Finally, cosmos – it will be allowed to plow on the spaceship “pioneer”.

Star Wars Outlaws will be released in 2024 on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. The events of the game unfold during the original trilogy of Star Wars – between the films “The Empire Repeat a Return Blow” and “The Return of the Jedi”.

The leading designer enthusiastically appreciated the reissue of The Last of US Part 2: “The team tried very hard!”

Arnaldo Lisea, leading designer The Last of US Part 2 Remastered, said that he was delighted with a re -release announced in the last hours by Naure Dog, and in his Twitter message explained why we should also be interested in this.

The team tried very hard to add as much valuable to this reissue. If you love our fights in the sandbox, then you will like the No Return mode. It is very funny!

Besides, "Lost LEVLS scrap materials allow you to look at the game development process. And finally, the key art created by David Blatt, with the sunken city in the background, is simply amazing!".

The Last of US Part 2 Remastered announced yesterday will be released on January 19 next year on PS5, and those who already own the version for the PS4 will be able to purchase it for $ 10.

Remastered remister The Last of US Part 2 caused hot disputes on social networks: some users questioned the decision to release remaster only three years after the game was released.

When there is a reprint of Spider-2 is planned? It would be time, judging by this remaster.

There will not work there. This game is already on PS5. What to reprint it for? From PS5 to PS5?))

Prepared for PS5 Pro

There is no limit to improvement! We replace a couple of filters, change the settings of contrast, a couple of photos of the team of the creators of the remister and a little concept art – you have $ 15, sign up.

This is stupidity, the same games are launched on the Pro version of the consoles. At the time of the PS4 Pro, after all, there were no individual disks under the PRO version of the consoles.

Yes, but considering that they made a remaster in the game. Which 3 years can be expected by anything)

You can’t praise yourself – no one will praise.

The game was relatively recently out of what to remect there? Better, let the remake of Bloodborn be ordered with the port for all the platforms of the world, the game will soon hit a dozen.

Remake. You didn’t confuse anything, maybe you meant Remaster, there is no need to do anything from scratch. Bladborne on a PC may not come out, Sonya does not want to disgrace, otherwise it will suddenly turn out that the best -selling game from Sonya on the PC will be a game not from the internal studio, not a spider, not a tremor, not a shit and not Joraisen, but a Blabborne from a third -party studio and how then the divine eczes from Sony’s internal studios, with which the Soniboi were always proud of)

Listen, it seems to me personally that Sonya to the UNIBLISS OF SONIBOYS from the managerial sector to the device, because there are a financial and economic abyss between them and their audience and think they think completely different categories;)
Now projects from Hideaki on the rise and on the hearing: in the light of the fact that both the Okiriro and the Christmas ring received "The game of the year", it will not be a mistake to cut the blessing with the edition of it on different platforms. I am sure that many who, due to her exclusivity, missed her, will want to get acquainted with another game of rectal pain. So the bladik more than deserves a remake, all the more times the fashion for SOL-LIKI has already gone.

Remake. You didn’t confuse anything, maybe you meant Remaster, there is no need to do anything from scratch.

Open the window, stuffy something.

Already made a remake demon Souls in 2020. Well, this game was much more old than Bloodborn, there the remake was justified, and in the end, sales of 1.4 million for all the time. Not God news what sales indicators. Therefore, for me it is better than an ordinary remaster, a minimum of costs, the game is not old, 2015, there is slightly update the graphics and all, and release and on the PC too, nothing else needs. No one will make Bladborne remakes in the coming years, at best, Remaster, in the worst they will not be released at all. After all, only fans of Babazaki games fans on Bladborne, Sonya somehow does not care, she is not interested in doing even remaster, and even the remake is all the more not outstanding sales demons Souls.

Because Diman Souls was updated only visually, but the game remained as wooden as it was.

Когда была с ластухой один ремастер когда тупо сделали версию под пс4 с улучшениями минимальными , все были довольнв и никто не вонял . It is obvious here that there would be such a logical step at the sunset PS4 to take the original and remaster on PS5 (and PC in the future)

The first flall in general, in general, the remake made the graphics there now as the second part

Well, this is just that they wanted to make money again, well, at least they collected a remake and not the second remaster in a row.

It would be better if they would have been washed down on a PC, and there they would have appreciated it and the sales would go up

Sonya has long ate the habits of the PC Bombs:

1. Begs and whines for the game to come out for their ancient buckets

2. Run to download repack

3. They complain about optimization

With a lie and a port like that of the first floodplain, I would also download. If there was a need.

Trying really is not good to do. And given the fact that the efforts "tolerantly dedicated" wear a very peculiar shade – such works only exacerbate.

$ 10 per remaster for the original owners in the Playwood store?What kind of remaster is there, if there are games for $ 30, which look like a schoolboy crafts on Unity

Get a resort for 10 bucks and getting along.

Over what, actually?

Above corporate with Blackjack and Plushas

You meant sh*luchas?

This language does not turn to name a remaster, lazy reprints with a minimum of improvements.

Well, yes. Switch the settings from medium-highs, simply high. Big job.

Hams are plowed by noodles.

Tried very hard to create the appearance of activity)))

even for a long time, to sell a remaster a month after the release of the original, or even earlier

Why remake her? there everything is all right

You take off pink glasses and understand that there is another reason to cut down the green and retain interest in the product, remind of its existence.

Soners look in Sonya sitting.

As I understand it, soon, within the framework of one console, they will first sell the version for the productivity mode, and then rematch for quality mode.

I would only for a super big discount. Still did not play the second part.

Sony just miscalculations to the game. This is rather Director’s Cut than Remaster. This is just overwhelming the game on a new platform in the form of a native version. There is no need to wait for changes in the graphics, and what to change there. There is a picture of wow even on PS4. The quality of models, textures and animations in general is still almost the standard. I especially liked the seamless transitions from gameplay to katsen and vice versa. You see loading only if the character died and a checkpoint is loaded. If in this game some lighting effects were translated from anproximation to trace, then yes. It would be worth the name Remastered. But here is just a reprint with screwed DualSense chips and quick downloads. If this game goes to the RS, and this is only a matter of time, then I only want optimization. Let’s see if Sony has removed the lesson from the failure of the 1st part.

The same Hindus will take up the port that they ported the first game and everything will be extremely bad there, you can make a way. As for the remaster, yes, not Remaster, but the garbage is pierced, and we will call a spade a spade that people understood this and have stopped buying it. Although unlikely.

Not Indians, but real homosexuals from Iron Galaxy. They have a bunch of photographs on their site in all its glory))) It is not surprising that they have all the ports through the ass))

NDAA is clear. Wherever these multi -colored ones climb, everywhere at the output it turns out shit. They have everything through the ass) I don’t know who needs it and why, but they are even ready to endure losses for this. I would burn everything there, really.

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In the latest PC version of The Last of US Part 1, textures and CPO downloaded, but new stuttering was added

The Last of Us Part I, published in March of this year, was not very successful. It was distinguished by a shaped performance, low image quality on a middle -level gland and, of course, a large number of errors. Since then, the Naughty Dog and the developer of the Iron Galaxy PC version have actively released corrections, but whether they really improved the impressions of the game?

Digital Foundry managed to take a fresh look at The Last of US Part I, and, in short, the game became better, but still far from perfect. Moreover, several new problems have appeared. If you have a free 15 minutes, you can familiarize yourself with the full review of Digital Foundry below, or scroll down the page to find out about key moments.

Let’s start with good news: in The Last of US Part I, textures are completely processed. They not only look much more pleasant on medium settings and below, but also consume less VRAM (on average 1.5 GB less, regardless of settings). This means that on 8 GB of graphic processors you can now run a pretty decent look of the game. In general, the use of CPU also improved by an average of about 10%, although the use of CPU remains about the same. This means that you will see a little better, but still not outstanding performance (RTX 2070 Super will work in the game on medium-40-50 FPS at 1440p and high settings). Stuttering when transmitting background flow also remains a problem.

Speaking about stuttering, the Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy reduced the waiting time for compiling shaaders at the first game in The Last of US Part I (about 25 minutes compared to more than 40 in the past), but it seems that it was necessary to pay for this. Yes, in the game there were delays in compilation of shaders. Not as much as in some other recent games for PC, but still at times quite noticeable. Connect this with the ongoing existence of various errors, and you will receive a game that is now, at least, suitable for the game, but is still far from the ideal or the same polishing level as the version for PS5. Will The Last of Us Part I reach this level on PC is still unknown.

Starfield will not be piloted by fuckers – they are outlawed after the war of the colonies

Last month, Bethesda released a series of animation rollers on Starfield, one of which was a fragment with the battle of two -legged robots manageed by man. The same titans could be seen in the gameplay trailer a couple of months ago, the screenshot of which you can see above. After that, many wondered if we can manage them ourselves.

In general, the answer is negative. As part of yesterday’s q&A with the leading quest designer Will Shenom and the leading designer Emil Paljaurulo Bethesda said that Mahi in Starfield is rather a decor. This is a kind of element of combat mood, which will decorate some of many, many game planets, but will never be piloted.

To the question of one of the fans about the history of the creation of fur in Starfield, Paljarulo explained that fur is "The remnants of the war of the colonies, the conflict that began in 2308, when the team Freestar violated the contract": "Both sides, the united colony and the Freestar team, had fuckers. But the team Freistar masterfully mastered them. Then the united colonies decided to balance this "controlled alien animals from their division Xenowarfare".

But, alas, several decades before the start of Starfield and the laboratories of the United Colonies Xenowarfare, and the fuckers of both sides were "declared outside the law a truce that has completed the war of the colonies". This means that he says Paljarulo that only rusty buildings remained from them, which cllate the historical fields of the battles. Mehi "Not suitable for use, no, ”says Paljarulo,“ they are in ruins".

To be honest, we already knew that Starfield will not be ground technology, but I am not sure that I would attribute Mehov to this category. It was hoped that they would work about the same as power armor in Fallout 4. But no.

At least you can walk among a pile of dead furs on the fields of past battles. In addition, you can be sure that this will be one of the first things that the enterprising team of the modders will try to realize, and this if Bethesda does not get ahead of them in any expansion.

The head of Xbox tried to reassure Starfield fans after Redfall disappointing launch

Earlier today, May 4, Spencer appeared on the Kinda Funny Games show to discuss Redfall, and admitted that she was disappointed for both fans and critics. Spencer talked about how best to integrate the Starfield developer team in Xbox, since the game was at an earlier development stage than Redfall when Microsoft acquired the Zenimax maternal company.

"When we acquire studios, there are games that are already in the process of development, and there are those that are really only at the early stage of production or even not yet thought out. I think we need to improve the support of games that are in the middle of the production road when they become part of the Xbox", – Spencer said.

"We did not work very well with Arkane Austin to help them understand what it means to be part of the Xbox and use some of our internal resources to help them and advance along this path", – The head of Xbox continued.

However, Spencer claims that "We better managed Starfield", adding that although no one should believe in this until he sees the results with his own eyes, the role -playing game Bethesda was "at an earlier stage of production", Therefore, Xbox was easier to attract people to help in the technological aspects of the project.

"We had to help Harvey and the team before", – Spencer said, referring to Redfall and the director of Arkane Austin Harvi Smith. "I think this is our fault. And then, in the process of work, this is a game on unreal, and we have a bunch of studios that have done really excellent work on Unreal over the years", – Spencer continued, adding that Xbox could better help Arkane with technical problems Redfall.

Obviously, Spencer believes that he could and had to do a lot differently with Arkane Austin to improve Redfall, but he also tries to dispel the doubts of Xbox players regarding Starfield after the Redfall disappointment launch. Now Starfield is under high pressure than ever after the launch of Redfall, and Spencer clearly feels this.

“Damn, he was a little late”: the players began to make fun of Todd Howard after the publication of the organizers of TGA 2023

Gamers ridiculed Todd Howard after a photo of the producer Bethesda was published in the official account of The Game Awards with the words that the game designer attended the event.

The organizers posted the picture of Howard two and a half weeks after the end of the event, which became the subject of ridicule and jokes, and also caused hints for the long -term loading times in Starfield game.

Yesterday it became known that the latest Starfield reviews on Steam now "Mostly negative". The other day, Microsoft shared the successes of the game in recent months.

Everything is right as Starfield "revealed" Not immediately, and the organizers revealed Todd’s participation only after 2 weeks, observed the marketing realities of the gazebo

The main laughing stock of the gaming industry, and before it prayed for it and bought Skyrim

Interestingly, people still continue to buy Skyrim so far. Here are the last reviews. This is only one buyer in one marketplace and only in one country, and how many will buy around the world. I’m shocked.

well, the dumped just also merged. From Todd everything, don’t expect anything else.

And what’s good in Skyrim? Apart from Laura . All tasks come down to bring. as in this game. Is not it so? good quests on the fingers can be counted. Due to mods, the game lives 12 years.

That’s right, only in 2011 such mediocrity did not have a blessed and entertained RPG lovers, but after 10 years the players finally began to understand how they were feeding Todd all their careers

Open world with physics and simulation of life, since then nothing of the kind has happened.

He finally loaded, and Todd plays on HDD- this is a straight motto on the anti-developers- they need to remind every day how they are fat SIS.Treb, and the salary does not give how they are optimizing.

I still liked the joke about 85 loading screens

Well, from this orgun)

He simply did not update the PC.

Your face, when you finally realized that you (in a whisper) scum

Let’s clean – I know a huge number of people who have not passed Skyrim, although they spent more than 100 hours in it. Before that, there was Oblivion, which for his time was very controversial in terms of graphics and also the interest of passage disappeared somehow unexpectedly and there was not a very pleasant aftertaste remained. With Fallut 4 exactly similar, although there were no questions to the schedule. In the Starfield, the picture is also excellent, but no work on the mistakes was done. The developers were confused over the animation of landing for the helm of the cosmlet, but conceptually did not change the gamedly, the approach to the plot filling. Who is now interested in reading 100,500 notes with fresh text? Who is interested in looking at the faces of characters without setting? Who is interested in space without space races, when it is a canon of the genre? What is intrigue, even if the gameplay is monotonous and monotonous? We are all smart, but the developers played what they did. I see that it was the main thing for them to cut the dough, get their salary, while a video game is an exclusively creative process. You either make interesting gaming mechanics, or the plot, and preferably, you will get a quite expected reaction of the RPG community at the output. It’s a shame that so much time and money was spent on whose place could have taken 2-3 really interesting games of different genres. Players also do not become younger, plus disappointment from waiting. Not in the money spent on the game, I spend twice as much as the cost of this game on gasoline every month. It’s a shame for the resources used for this.

I put 1 point by the way to this game. And this is a misunderstanding in the form of a gaming -containing cub from the authors of Skyrim. 1

Yes, he is just a profan as the brothers of the cooks, he can only "Dust in the eyes let"

If I were at the ceremony, I would piss it right on the spot, for that one he is the last 5 years old

Fallout 5 came with the announcement ?

Interestingly, on his hyper mega computed Starfield will go in resolution 8K on ultras?)

he does not have a computer and he does not like games

Bro, just the opposite. He does not have enough time for toys because of the game has passed the tragedy. did everything as he could. how he made games of that time, so he broke off.

"Well, who is laughing now?" ))

At first they forgot about him, and then they thought for a long time: put it in social. Network or basket? But then apparently took pity.

He took 200 attempts, but he managed.

Well, everything is planned, according to the working regulations.

And in a couple of months there will be a reason to give out such headlines skull bones)

Or maybe he really immediately after The Game Awards was taken to modernize his PC? Looks like an old computer could not withstand the load from the new Bethesda Games. Now Todd will have to be more careful with promises about the open world and loading "In one second".

Well, Haipann about Starfield of course, since the case turned out. Yesterday reviews, today Todd on the rostrum drove. But the name is in trends, at least for a couple of days they will turn their attention from bugs and flaws, haha. Classical Bethesda Tactics in general.

IMHO Best Bethesda Game is Fallout New Vegas, which Bethesda did not do)))) that ironically.There, even Toddy Moshin on Fallout New Vegas Tick, like this is my game (Fallout 3), it turned out worse than them, and it is impossible, and the studio that made Fallout New Vegas did not work with Bethesda . So think .

why it made a laugh from this ahahahahah

I haven’t bought it yet

Is it luck or not

Who would not say everything fairly. The organizers of the awards did not want to discredit the name The Game Awards. The recent end of E3 just confirms this. Todd Howard has a bad reputation. And the organizers know this. The connection of Microsoft gave the award, rather that they will lay out the parish of Todd, in two weeks they discussed. Since they took the award for a bribe or pressure from the giant. A man is just like a stubborn donkey, he will fight against the wall, and stand on his own. Is the same "ladder" Proved "Todd hunchiness". And now you need another person who, as with a staircase, proved about "engine" that he is not good. And then he pokes with this new engine in the face of Todd. But his authority directly influenced the industry, in the bad side. There are many studios that abandoned the stairs in games, although in some it exists without problems. People like in Crytek make the engine, and then this engine makes games. And in Betzda there is Todd who does not want to change the engine, because it is humpbacked, and people are engaged in routine manually. Probably 50% of people’s work are spent on correcting errors, not creativity.

Laughed and bought the game, well, not morons not .

They don’t buy anymore 😁😁😁

Who are these people who were waiting for Starfield, all the time he did not see about them, but I know a lot of people who are waiting for the new Fallutun, normal falaut and not 4 part, or for example, Tes6. But who was waiting for this fucking Starfield, enjoy)))

Judging by the fact that Jve of the week a signal to planet Earth was going on then the event far beyond the solar system happened

People are very cruel

Well, if not for the statements about "Our game is perfect, look for a problem at yourself" Then yes, and so – rather fair and mutual

I always suspected that in Toddik there is something Livonian-Estonian. A sort of light inhibition inherent in sprinkles.

I did not know that the success of the game depends on negative reviews.

A good game, though with an overload, he rang out to run, etc. The end of the game game was blown away, namely, power is useless against Starborns. P.S. The final clip of a photo model with spoilers

Even with some kind of boiling is already smacking. I understand jokes.. but they are jokes when they are funny..

And now I feel sorry for Toda..

Better regret those who bought Starfield for full prime

I did not play Starfield. And I don’t want to.. But I think that the game is no worse than what nibut by the turkey people who are now selling for the price almost like aaa..

But in any case, to scare a person, the causes are not needed.. He does not work at a hundred rubles a year at the factory, so you need to humiliate🤌

Here is nagging about the loads, this is purely Rofl from the blue sonboys, you won’t prove anything to them, even when the game does not use their great kraken in the case of BG3 and is loaded worse than on a PC if the game simply came to PS5 and no one would have a word said and idolized the game)))

Nope, even you shit crap, the game is far from the Sonimi, the Soniboi should generally rejoice that it did not work out on PS5, you played yourself, did not stay further, deleted it, deleted it. Let the game open a couple more years, maybe it is revealed to a playable state

It remains to understand, where is Todd and what kind of brakes commentators. Apparently of those that comment on the video on YouTube after 5 years.

The organizers posted the picture of Howard two and a half weeks after the end of the event.

Congratulations, you are written on the list.
And yes, I repeat, where is Todd? I am waiting for a justification.

So no one accuses Todd. They just joke over it. Read the post carefully.

He was at the ceremony – photo (post) was posted by the organizers of this very ceremony after a while – you need to laugh at Tod. I did not miss anything?

Laughter is what? If Todd himself laid out such a post, or PR managers of the gazebo, then yes, it would be logical, but not in such a situation, there are rather jokes about the organizers, as a type "The winner of the award of 18 years still has not received his award".

Well, what does it mean "need to"? There are situations where it is straight need to laugh at someone? People saw the news that is no longer relevant, which became the subject of ridicule and jokes over Todd, such as that he had just loaded and t.D., Referring to Starfield. The news says so. It’s funny or not everyone will solve it himself. Maybe there are jokes and about the organizers, checks.

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The second patch for Forza Motorsport was supposed to fix the most annoying bug, but it did not work

After the week of waiting, Turn 10 Studios released the second patch for Forza Motorsport. Hotfix 1.1 was supposed to eliminate only one, but the most serious problem. Unfortunately, the operation was unsuccessful.

Among the many problems annoying the Forza Motorsport players, one turned out to be especially unpleasant. This is a mistake that sometimes leads to the fact that progress is not preserved after a career race. In this case, when trying to confirm the upgrade of the car or buy a new car, before the next competition, a failure occurs, and the restart of the game leads to the need to replay the last race (race).

Players were disappointed that in the first update (1.0), released seven days ago, the Turn 10 studio missed this problem. Instead, the developer devoted the next patch (Hotfix 1.1) that was released yesterday. This is actually the only change made in it.

Since the players were full of hopes for getting rid of the biggest trouble, they hardly worried about the modest patch size (in Steam it weighs only 67.4 MB). However, despite several reports of improving the stability of the game, the joy turned out to be premature.

Although the moderators of the official forum of the series closed the topic of this error in the Trobleshooting Hub section (which at that time was a record number of messages – 657), a similar topic was quickly opened by the player who again encountered the same problem and quickly won supports support other injured users.

Unfortunately, apparently, Turn 10 Studios once again compromised itself in the eyes of fans who are forced to stock up on even greater patience and continue to use the temporary solution (not to change the tires and the amount of fuel in the tank thereby reducing the risk of error).

Apparently, wait until the game can completely reveal its potential, while you have to wait a long time. Perhaps more positive changes will occur in update 2.0, which is expected in early November. The first additional racing highway should appear in it – the Yas Marina Autodrom, announced in September.

The voice acting of Adam Jensen is surprised by the lack of a new game from the Deus Ex series: “This is madness”

Franchise Deus Ex does not lose its relevance today. Despite the fact that Deus Ex: Mankind Divined has become the last large part of the series, the fans continue to love her with love and ask the developers to return to her in the coming years.

The actor, voicing Adam Jensen, also thinks about the series, considering the fact that since 2016 there have not been new parts in it.

Elias Tuskussis recently spoke out against the fashion Cyberpunk 2077, which added to the game of Adam Jensen using artificial intelligence.

The voice actor believes that such mods are unethical, since artists should receive a reward for their work in one way or another. In this case, he stated that he should pay for the voice.

However, this topic led to an interesting remark of the actor. He later stated that such mods prove how popular Deus Ex today is, and said:

After this tweet, many fans answered Twitter, agreeing with the actor of voice acting. Since Deus Ex laid the foundations of many modern games in the genre of immersive simulator, it still remains one of the most beloved in the industry.

Recent rumors talk about the possible revival of this game, however, the actor of the voicing said that no one was contacting him

Well, there is an opinion that the previous part did not justify the hopes of the developers, although I personally liked the second part. Let’s hope that someday this franchise will continue.

К сожалению там, где больше всего нужен грамотный маркетинг на него забивают. And after all, Immersive Sims can be successful, examples of this are the first parts of Dishonored and Deus Ex Human Revolution.

I liked it too. Who did not like it there – a mystery

Mankind Divated left a sensation of fiercely cut plot.
T.e. Babos put at the forefront.
By the way, the same sensation remained from the Strafield – they did not stretch out exactly the plot, IIII.

And, stsuko, the cordial feint appeared in the middle of the logical (relatively, yes) development of the plot with the looping of existence.

Well, if you, ***, start a new round of your own evolution, which Rozhna you run in a circle of events like a hamster in a wheel.
This is not a star epic mother to shift, this . Groundhog Day.

in, it finally reached that it reminds me. movie "Groundhog Day".
you will have a main character, no matter what he does, he is there again, and then.
scribe, ladies, gentlemen, and doubting.

The game is like a prologue to a full-fledged game. For the role of a secondary villain "one of the acts" Marchenko will go, but as a global enemy against Darrow or the same Zhao does not pull at all

It’s easier, the gazebo in the plots has not been very good for a long time, since the time of Skyrim, but DE: HR set a high bar, like a witcher 3 cyberpanka, which could not be pulled to the level of the previous creation.

In the Starfield, the plot, in principle, in general terms interesting, you can think about. N implemented is bad in essence there, you get stuck there for most of the game with a man, because you ran with a woman before that and this part of the game will be far-haired and you will be pursued by spatial police and threaten to take away at all that I honestly focus that causes a rage and usually a plot with irreversible Changes in the open world are bad. In Oblivion, Minkvest is not passing and enjoy the leisurely life in the syrodile, you think about the eternal sitting in the sun. and then you just quickly run at 60 left -handed and gates all you plug.
and so the idea with NG+ interesting. I just investigated such a concept of the plot and in steelfield NG+ is realized, but a little not as I would expect. He teaches not to attach to his lout ships with advanposts by Kotoy Bildil 80-100 hours and now you are a hunter or a nomad or septim third all mercantile and worldly – you don’t want to farm minerals and minerals. Now you, as a player, have grown up and now starry now. evolved.

Skyrim, compared to the Strafield – as "War and Peace" Before the feuilleton in the magazine "Young technician"))

He was alarmed late. It was necessary to be surprised at this several years ago, when the morons-worshipers abandoned their old franchises, and all the money threw all the money on the development of a failed Homixed Aries.

The current owner of the series is now preoccupied with exclusively survival, so there is essentially a new part of De and there is no one.

The last game is good, I would like to continue.

The last game is stupid DLS for the previous one, and in the script plan is much worse.

Of course, the Mankind Divated was the messages of Human Revolution, but I definitely wait for the continuation. I would also like a remake, namely Human Revolution remake to see on a modern gland!

If you need a remake, then the original game, and not HR, which now looks worthy and plays.

Xs, that there was a worthy graphics in terms of graphics. HR, even at the time of the exit, to put it mildly, was not impressed. The streets of the cities were especially depressed, in my first glance I even decided that I had some kind of glitch with textures, everything was so soapy.

In general, Remaster is needed, and if it comes out, this may be the beginning of the revival of the series. And it is better for newcomers to get acquainted with the series in chronological order: Remaster HR, then MD, remake de 1, remake IW. And then you can also new parts.

Well, HR game is not about graphics

I do not agree. A game about cyberpunk with tons of 3 -face dialogs in terms of graphics should look at least good, but better excellent, as it was with Cyberbag.

If something is not excellent in Saibernka, but good graphics

Oh, such a series was ruined

There were also rumors of gossip that there the offices recorded the profit and yocked unfortunately, at least that part of it developing Deus Ex

I would like, of course, but not the fact that they will take. And with the agenda.

I translate into English – the actor of the voice acting is unhappy that they did not allow me to earn in fashion for Cyberpan, and with the help of public opinion and social networks, tries to knock out a new job

– I can’t stay without food. Where will I get drunk?! (c)

Is it worth the opinion of some kind of voice actor (whose name, I am sure, even the most ardent fan of the game did not know) a separate topic?

Business, just business.

Enough of the same news to rewrite with different headlines))

Someone managed to swing the mod? And then he only about to roll into the DLC with a look, stop and voice of Jensen, as they rubbed him)

Well, the last part was already some kind of stump. I generally liked her, but it felt like somewhere the half of the game was cut.

This is madness, money ends

The voice actor believes that such mods are unethical, since artists should receive a reward for their work in one way or another. In this case, he stated that he should pay for the voice.

Hypnya carries free non -profit mods made by enthusiasts and neural networks. About the payment of whose services in general we are talking?

Madness to release games with such an outdated design, primitive setting and lack of ending.

If Aides had competent visitor, Deus would not have left Top Steam on the online

A good game, but the problem is that if there is a new part, then we will not see English voice acting there. Thanks for this to Volodya Sun.

Brush games, dead world, stuffy gameplay. They could not even like in Cyberpank 2077 so that the cops from the sky is Padley and the attacks of their Mona were knocked out. Rzhaka.
I think now is very complicated and the dear competitor to Cyberpan is simple. Series God went bad sold

Why do you need Deus Ex when there is a chic Cyberpunk 2077 exactly in the same setting? If you make a new Deus Ex, then it should at least be at the level of cyberpan. And if not, then it is better to do nothing.

The only thing that upset me is the non -contracious DEUS Ex: Mankind Divved plot. The finale of the game clearly says that there will be a continuation and logical denouement of the plot in which we will reveal a conspiracy of world scale. Obviously shows from the end that another game in the series was conceived at least. At least in order to find out how it all ends, the inconspes were required to make another Deus Ex. And, probably, the outfits would like to finish the plot. And probably they would make a game. But the publisher did not give the good! It is sad.

But nothing can be done. The train left. DEUS EX time is over. Today is the new king in the genre – Cyberpunk 2077.

I even logged in to answer this nonsense. The games are completely different, cyberpunk is Openvorld without any variability in gameplay, de is a corridor (plus minus) immersive-sym.

Even in the setting, these are completely different games. Cyberpank is acidic, colorful and kicha. De chernukha in gray tones and in all episodes. IMHO would give for the new Deus ex at the level of HR and cyberpunk and all the subsequent games of the Poles.

And I am waiting for an excellent soundtrack at the level of Deus ex

Original Deus ex, more likely stealth where you can’t just defeat the Varangians and quickly bite off at the turn of the centuries, it was from the Deus of EX Khuman Revolyuyen could not make a drive game where you can run in a cruise on cyber -thoroughfares or run and all sorts of meanings to do that I think that I think upset the players and they didn’t even bought another game even graphone did not lick.

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